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 Character Rules

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Kid of Gorma

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Character Rules Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2012 5:12 pm

This topic has to do with character creation, post questions on the forms here. There are also some rules when it comes to multiple characters below.

1. No more than four characters for each person

2. You may kill off one of your characters to make a new application if you want.

3. When controlling multiple characters, you must have the names of all created characters in your siggy. ((i.e. Cole MacGrath - Conduit, Zeke Dunbar - Civilian, etc.))

4. Each character must have a different posting color. In the example shown above, Cole's color would be cyan and Zeke's color would be orange.

5. In the case of characters Controlling Elements, Conduits need to have a severe weakness concerning another Element. for example, Water is Deadly to Electric Conduits like Cole MacGrath, Ice is Deadly to a Fire Conduit, Etc. the Reverse is also applicable, Electric deadly to Water, Fire to Ice, Etc.

More rules will be added whenever necessary, if you have any questions PM an admin about it, or, even better, post it here so the same question doesn't pop up twice.
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Experiment 249

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Character Rules   Character Rules Icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2014 9:47 pm

Adding to these rules:
6. If you and another character share control over the same materials, you cannot control anything you do not create with your powers, other than draining for the use of powers.

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Captain Reaper

Captain Reaper

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PostSubject: Re: Character Rules   Character Rules Icon_minitimeMon Mar 23, 2015 7:53 pm

What are the rules on creating characters based off the games or other already existing super humans?
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PostSubject: Re: Character Rules   Character Rules Icon_minitime

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Character Rules
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