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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Gorma's Charries!

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Kid of Gorma

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PostSubject: Gorma's Charries!   Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:17 pm

Name: Maximus
Gender: Male
Rank in Gang: Head of the Reapers
Weapons: He uses the standard Reaper AK-47 and brass knuckles on the hand that isn't his trigger hand.
Brief History: Maximus used to have a full name, first and last, but now he couldn't remember them. Between getting high and getting sprayed by tar his entire memory had been wiped. he was a low-ranking kid when he joined the Reapers out of fear for his life, but he had worked his way up to second-in-command when Cole MacGrath attacked the Reaper's leader Sasha. There had been no communication from the previous leader for six months, so Maximus being second in command was promoted to the leader of the gang that owned the Neon district.
Appearance: Maximus wears the distinctive reaper overcoat, although his is blue instead of orange like the others. He also doesn’t wear the hood up like other Reapers, instead he lets his bald head covered in tattoos show. He wears a silver skull mask to cover his face from anyone who might identify him. He always wears steel-toed combat boots (good for stomping in faces), and brass knuckles on his right hand.
Personality: Maximus is brutal and shows mercy for no one. He is always paranoid about others plotting mutiny and rebellion, so he rules with an iron fist. Maximus doesn’t get squeamish about killing people, even fellow Reapers. He could be described as power hungry, violent, unforgiving, and careful in a way. Overall he is just a cold blooded killer with a lot of power.
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Demigod Conduit of Administrative Awesome

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Gorma's Charries!   Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:08 pm

Maximus the Reaper has been Accepted!
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Gorma's Charries!
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