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 Do not read unless you are ready to see the ungodly arguement about religion and such.

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PostSubject: Do not read unless you are ready to see the ungodly arguement about religion and such.   Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:37 am

If it was up to atheist, we would be under Nazi rule. Thank God for Godly brave men 95% of soldiers where Christian in ww1 and ww2 that fought for our freedom but they would never? understand this because there bunch of pansies. Then they bring up science when they don’t have a clue about science if they did they would know science proves that there is a creator things don’t happen by chance. Life is not by chance, freedom is not by chance so praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
Charbel4God 2 months ago

But that alone doesn't mean atheists are pansies, and "praise the Lord, pass the ammunition" is something idiotic for someone to say, if that someone claims to believe in? a loving God. Typical religious thinking: "my God is everywhere, but especially on my side of the battlefield!", and "my God loves you, and if you don't admit it, I'll kill you and your family in the name of the Lord!". Here's the formula: Faith = Good, Philosofic Faith = Better, Religion = Hipocrisy, Church = Mass Control.
ARCLincoln in reply to Charbel4God 2 months ago 4

Ok, atheist are not pansies there the biggest pansies! All they want to do is fuck each other, boy or girl, drink, smoke, watch TV, play video games, and talk about peace but inwardly there raging wolves. You can deny all this all you want but it is what it is. There only one God and he gave us freedom and if you try to take my freedom then praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. If that don’t make sense to you then nothing will.Hears the formula? apes=animal=expandable=confusi­on=slave=atheist
Charbel4God in reply to ARCLincoln 2 months ago

Strange, I didn't think those whom believe found it okay to assault those whom did not. I always thought you were supposed to welcome us with open arms, I can see times have changed. Your religion is outdated? you fool, how dare you try to force upon others your blindness. Your "God" will pay for its crimes against Humanity. Either you or your god is evil, as the religious kill in the name of god and fight for unity, yet all they do is separate humanity.
L33ticus in reply to Charbel4God 2 months ago 3

Little me get it strait, A Christian should bow down to you and the hate you speak about God and Christianity is suppose to be ok to a Christian, well your mistaken. You dont know much about Christianity if this is what you think. If it wasn’t for Christians that gave there life you would never known freedom. All You are an unthankful bastred Im not forcing nothing on nobody,get your facts strait.
Athiest rape,molest,fuck guys girls and animals with out no boundaries. Your sick, so? is your cult
Charbel4God in reply to L33ticus 2 months ago

"Athiest rape,molest,fuck guys girls and animals with out no boundaries. Your sick,? so is your cult" so let us not forget the preists who rape little boys, and i think its ironic that you call athiesem (the lack of belif in a god) a cult. so by your logic anyone who dosent belive in santa is part of an evil cult. heres a quote that i think you might like: "i wanted a bike so i prayed for one, then i realised the church dosent work that way so i stole a bike and prayed to be forgiven."
TheJimcat in reply to Charbel4God 1 month ago 3
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You are very Ignorant, God said in his book, who ever touches these young children there better off if a rope is around there? necks and thrown in the ocean. God also said don’t steal. God said mirage is between man and woman. Atheist have nothing (no boundaries) they rape children or fuck apes, guys, girls, men, marry animals, lie, steal. So what is the difference? If God believers do something wrong they will be judged, Atheist allusion is that they can do what ever they want with out judgment
Charbel4God in reply to TheJimcat 1 month ago

Also I have to say, your God has grown soft? hasnt He? He used to flood stuff, rain fire over cities, turn people into salt... what has he done lately?
Religious illusion is that moral comes with faith; they're separate things and dont need each other. You have a hole lot of faith but clearly no moral. You believe God encharged you to spread hate. Just ignore the "loving your brother" part, its not convenient is it?
Youre a disgusting hypocrite blind twat and the reason y atheism is growing.
ARCLincoln in reply to Charbel4God 1 month ago 3

You call me names and, you love me? If you know in your heart that’s the right thing to do, then why don’t you do it? Actually the fact is morals comes with faith so clearly you don’t know what your talking about. That’s an allusion, atheism will grow of course when something is on the bottom it can? only go up and then it will drop. Its a fact it happened before and it will happen agen,. Don’t go to a place where there is no God. Soft No, he never dose for evil so REAPENT before his mercy ends.
Charbel4God in reply to ARCLincoln 1 month ago
MERCY??? Your God will be ashamed, how DARE you speak for him, what are you a prophet?? He will kill YOU and not someone who doesn't believe in him, jesus fanatics are? annoying hypocrites and always consider themselves superior, but they have no way to prove it, not even a valuable argument.
crais61 in reply to Charbel4God 1 month ago 2

Can you prove anything you are saying? I have history and the future as my evidence. Of course your going to find me annoying, your a lazy communist who wants the government protection, and to take care of you, so you are not a man, may freedom rain hahaha. Lazy bum I’m going to? annoy you until the day the Lord takes me home.
Charbel4God in reply to crais61 1 month ago

Yeah that's? right mate piss off, you can't accept the truth so you start insulting, you know who else does that? 5 years old, so unless you're a 5 years old you might want to grow up.
crais61 in reply to Charbel4God 1 month ago

You have truth?? Your not even real how can you have truth, lazy bum? And yet you started the insult, like I expected another hypocrite lol.. If the truth is insulting, I will insult you until the day i die.
Charbel4God in reply to crais61 1 month ago

According to you I'm lazy and a communist, did you take that argument out of your ass?
If God existed I'm pretty sure he'll? send you to hell, I'm not the only one that thinks so.
You are free to have a religion, you are NOT free to use your religion to take away other's freedom.
crais61 in reply to Charbel4God 1 month ago 9

Damn? right. Fuck organized religion.
XGCOwnt in reply to crais61 1 month ago 24

link to video:

on a side note i must say that this was fun to read.

auron shinso/[neutral/hero] conduit/works with militia/creationism.

ashley rose/neutral conduit/works with militia/wind

zero(Sub-zero)/hero conduit/works with militia/ice/bounty hunter

joseph bount/civilian/bounty hunter/bounty boss

ED-E/neutral/ has no alliance/electricity/

Final Getsuga Tensho!!!

lets go on over to and have a good time, yes?
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Do not read unless you are ready to see the ungodly arguement about religion and such.
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