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 List Of Lots Of Power Ideas

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PostSubject: List Of Lots Of Power Ideas   Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:46 pm

Hello folks! This thread is simply to compile various ideas for powers that others can use, or for refrence later. Pretty simple. Anyways, here are some:

Rapid Cellular Regeneration: Basiclly a healing factor. Common ways to be stopped are the seperation of the brain from the body or complete destruction of the brain.Scale power level as needed.

Adoptive Muscle Memory: The ability to replicate any physical action after seeing it performed

Supercharging: The ability to amp up or supress other's powers. Suppresed energy can be relased in a blast.

Midas's Touch: The ability to change any non-organic substance into gold upon contact.

Bone Spikes: The ability to send out protruding spikes of bone from one's body. Can be as simple as a spear or as complex as a suit or armor.

Empathic Manipulation: The ability to control one's emotions.

Tatto Manipulation:The ability to cause ink on ones body to leap off and fight(Ex. If you have a tatto of a scorpion it may leap off your body and sting an opponet.)

Immpenetrable Skin:Your skin can not be breach by any means however one's insides are still vunerable.

Those are the only things I can dream up as of yet. Please post your ideas!

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List Of Lots Of Power Ideas
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