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 Daemon Phenix

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Daemon Phenix Jamesheller
Conduits are people who have gotten superpowers from either the Ray Sphere blast, or a different tragic event sometime in their lives. Conduits usually control one element of things (i.e. Cole MacGrath, the main character of the inFamous series, controls lighting.) So, here is the form for a conduit.

Basic Information

Name: Daemon Phenix
Gender: Male
Age 38
Current Location New Marais



    Daemon is a very muscular individual, having a lot of physical strength even prior to being converted to a conduit. He wears a trademark black-and-red jacket over his usual black shirt, blue jeans, and black boots. He also wears gloves on his hands that leave his fingers open. His skin is a dark brown and his eyes are a deep blue, though most probably wouldn't want to lootok him in the eyes. He has a clean shaven bald head and stands at 6"2 feet tall.


Alliances: Undecided
Karmic Rank: Neutral
    Daemon is a very serious individual, though also able to lighten up a little bit from time to time. Most of his actions often have a goal or larger idea behind them and he is constantly observing and re-observing his surrounding environment. He is good with making assessments and is quite capable of thinking a few steps ahead and planning out scenarios. Most of the time, Daemon is very confrontational and opts to simply tear enemies to pieces rather than negotiate, though he is also willing to be flexible and use deception and planning to accomplish his goals. He does have a cunning and manipulative side however, playing with civilians and other people and involving them in his plans.

    Daemon has a weakness for alcohol and a fear of thunder and lightning (Astraphobia). Whenever there is a thunderstorm around, Daemon will often get feelings of dread and break out in panic attacks. Prior to becoming a conduit, Daemon had a bit of therapy to help combat his fear though it was left unfinished. He's had the same fear since he was a child and repeatedly checked the weather as he became a teenager.

    Socially, Daemon is mostly calm and collected. He is able to make small talk and has a very subtle sense of humor. After being divorced once, Daemon displays a disinterest in getting married ever again and will vehemently push away all women approaching him.

    In battle, Daemon is very tactical and reckless. His powers can cause a large amount of civilian casualties and he never considers the cost at all.
Brief History:
    Daemon grew up in a military family. His father served in the army and his mother used to be a pilot. His grandfather was a retired veteran from WWII, so naturally he felt obliged to continue the family tradition. School wasn't a big deal since Daemon was modestly intelligent so he passed through school mostly without any large obstacles. He had a single fight throughout his school years and had 1 girlfriend throughout his school life. As soon as he graduated at the age of 17, he enlisted in the army. He scored 40 in the ASVAB, but chose to join the main army instead. He served in the army for about 12 years. At the age of 29, he was dishonorably discharged from the military after gross misconduct while intoxicated which he received an OTH for. He was imprisoned for a year

    Afterwards, he returned back home where he managed to make a living in a small business in his home town. He was married to Christine at the age of 33, though the two divorced about a year and a half later before anything could come of it. One day, he was walking home from work when a large blast suddenly ripped apart the immediate area where he lived. He was engulfed in the explosion as he tried to flee. When he came to, Daemon sat up in the middle of the decimated street, unable to believe that he was alive. He was able to get down the street and away before feinting in an alley. Later, he awoke in a hospital under a nurse's care.

    It was scary to learn you had powers, but Daemon reacted to it with not just surprise, but also excitement. As soon as he was well enough, he began to test the powers he'd been given. He worked hard to develop the abilities he possessed before departing from the hospital and from his home town. He no longer felt like calling the shop home and went on a small soul-searching trip to find something worth working for. He eventually found a goal in New Marais where there was a host of places to explore.

Unique Abilities

    «Physical Strength» → Typically, Daemon possesses a large degree of physical strength.

    «Resilience» → Daemon is able to endure much more damage than an ordinary human and be able to recover from it.

    «Healing Factor» → DO NOT get the wrong idea here. Daemon isn't able to regenerate from wounds and injuries at a superhuman rate, His body is able to repair itself at a faster rate then ordinary civilians but not as fast as other conduits who have powers that aid their immune systems. Daemon's power adjusts his bones to endure vibration but it doesn't aid his immune system as much. He can recover from small wounds quickly as well as ignore them to continue fighting but larger injuries are a little more serious and require attention.

    «Stamina» → Daemon can run for long distances without getting winded.

    «Reflexes» → Reaction time is a practiced skill for Daemon. He is able to react quickly to threats and can ready himself in mere seconds to confront perceived threats.

Conduit Power: Daemon is able to create powerful seismic vibrations and project them through almost any medium, including the air, ground, or seafloor. He can project shockwaves through the air to attack enemies at close or long distance. The quakes can have a devastating effect on both the environment and people within Daemon's range.

Conduit Weakness: While powerful, vibrations become ineffective against objects that cannot be shattered or easily broken, such as steel and some metals. The user is also limited in the intensity of the vibrations they can generate. They can't level buildings or cause mass destruction with large earthquakes until they've gained more control (the user can cause minor earthquakes at beginning stages , but not of a significant magnitude to cover a large area).

Weapons and Attacks used:
    «Magnum Shock» → Daemon infuses punches and kicks with seismic energy, releasing vibrations upon impact and causing a large amount of damage.

    «Quake Burst» → Daemon fires a shockwave pulse from either of his hands that can repulse enemies, doing a bit of internal damage in the process if they use the attack in short-range to the target. Shockwaves of this caliber can also pass through and damage almost any substance, causing to shatter or be torn apart.

    «Tremor» → Daemon can project vibrations through any medium, with varying effects based on what he is touching. At maximum power, buildings will tend to "wobble" slightly with people inside feeling the effects of a minor earthquake. Ordinary civilians and trained persons may survive, though would most likely require extreme medical care depending on the extent of the damage. By projecting vibrations into the ground, he can cause a minor earthquake within a small area around him. Lastly, most conduits can survive the vibrations, though not for prolonged periods of time.

    «Groundshatter» → Daemon stomps on the ground and creates a seismic quake that affects a small area around him, causing the ground to collapse outward from the spot. This can cause people to have trouble keeping their balance as well as cause a large amount of damage to structures.

    «Ripple» → Daemon uses vibrations on his own body, allowing him to jump a short distance almost instantly (similar to the Reaper Conduit).

    «Seismic Armor» → Daemon summons passive vibrations around his body to act as a defense against solid projectile attacks. Doing so causes him to become immobile since it requires a lot of focus and concentration, but it covers most bases while it's active.

    «No Weapons»

Disclaimer: I do not own any images. If there is every a problem with one than I will remove it willingly.
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PostSubject: Re: Daemon Phenix   Daemon Phenix Icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2012 9:55 pm

Gods, it's been waaay too long since we've had a new character. Love the idea.


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