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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 A certain type of party.

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PostSubject: A certain type of party.   Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:05 pm

I am setting up a new party guys. This may be a little odd, but here is how the party will work.

We set a date and time, and everyone who can will show up at that time to catch up with eachother. This is my way of getting us all back together for a big get together. I will be probably send Joe and Paisley an invite, even though they probably aren't going to get back on for whatever reason. I feel like we all need to get back together for one day. Anyone who can needs to find a way to get Tom an invite for just one day. If he can't make it, that is fine, and if the other two can't, that's also fine. other than that, we all need to get together for this one day, and we need to all kick back and hang out again. I miss the good old days.

Anyone who can get ahold of tom, post here and say that you will do it.

Anyone who has some good ideas for how we will do this, Post here and mention it.

This Party idea has to work, because it is important for us all to catch up. This site is dying, but I am sure that if we do the party, it will pick it all up quickly. Let's go guys, let's get this thing moving quickly!

auron shinso/[neutral/hero] conduit/works with militia/creationism.

ashley rose/neutral conduit/works with militia/wind

zero(Sub-zero)/hero conduit/works with militia/ice/bounty hunter

joseph bount/civilian/bounty hunter/bounty boss

ED-E/neutral/ has no alliance/electricity/

Final Getsuga Tensho!!!

lets go on over to and have a good time, yes?
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A certain type of party.
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