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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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Character sheet

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PostSubject: DA DUKE!   DA DUKE! Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 7:15 pm

"Hail to the King, baby!"- Duke Credious

Name: Duke Credious however, he calls himself 'The King' or 'The Duke' often, so do a few others.
Enhanced Strength- Duke is much stronger than the average person. Given, he can't exactly go around chucking cars at people but he's still very strong. he could reasonably crack a bone or two of a normal person with a good punch.

Enhanced Bone Density: Duke's bones are tough to break. This makes the stress of lifting heavy objects lessen on the bones, preventing them from snapping.

Enhanced Endurance: Duke can fight and run for long periods of time without getting exhausted.

Enhanced Durability; Duke's body can take concussive damage well. However periceing damage such as bullets do harm him significantly.
Weapons and Attacks used:
Duke carry's around lots and lots of guns.
M6 Pistol-A high-caliber pistol. He has two of these.
SPNKr Rocket Launcher- A rocket launcher. Yes, you heard correctly. ATM he only has six shots on this. He'd have to scavenge for more.
MA5K Assault Rifle- An assault machine gun.
BR55- A percision rifle.
In his arsenal that he doesn't carry around reularly-
A Chaingun- He has a high-power chain fed machine gun.
Sniper Rifle- Duke has a sniper rifle and multiple scopes for it and a tripod.
Alliances (select one of the groups shown below): HIMSELF AND HIS OWN SEXINESS
Brief History:
Duke was a self-proclaimed bad*ss from age three. His father bought him a Duke Nukem game when he was three and he sought to emulate The Duke from that time forward. He got weapons training, and tryed to be a general bad*ss. Started and won fights where ever there were fights to be started.
Eventually, he went on to be a famous boxer, winning every fight he was put in. One day he was on tour in Empire City. That day was when the ray-sphere blast happened. The Duke was knocked out, but he didn't stay out for long. Once he got up, he discovered he had all these powers. With that and his level of bad(ssery, Duke proclaimed that he was neigh invincible. So, he went on to live up to the legacy of Duke Nukem!
Duke is very muscular, and very large at 6' 8". He has a strong build and powerful brown eyes. He usually wears sun glasses, and an ammo bandolier. He often wears a red tank top and usually has a woman holding on to him.
Karmic Rank:Neutral
Personality: Duke thinks of himself very highly. He is a self-proclaimed bad*ss. He has confidence spilling out of his ears. He often makes very snarky comments and cheesy one liners. Many people consider him an *sshole. He enjoys knocking peoples heads together and seeing things explode.

My signature now says it is too long. So, for my characters list, please see here:
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Demigod Conduit of Administrative Awesome

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Character sheet
Characters: Ophelia Ford, Thomas Ellis, Simone Cowell

DA DUKE! Empty
PostSubject: Re: DA DUKE!   DA DUKE! Icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 8:31 pm

Accepted. keep an ammo count on the heavier shit.

Ophelia. Neutral (+1 Karma). The Fallen Angel. Controls Tears. Single
Spartan:Thomas. Sound conduit. Deceased
Spartan:Simon Cowell. Champion(+5 Karma) Shapeshifter. Dating Marie, owner of Bar Dumort
Spartan: Ash Nukem, Neutral(+- 0 Karma), multple selves. refers to self in the pluralled person(says we instead of I a lot)Single, yet not.
Slender, Neutral (+- 0 Karma) The Slenderman. Single. Drowning Doom runaway.
Teddy Riggs, Neutral (+- 0 Karma). The Admin. Government Agent
James Montgomery, Gaurdian (+1 Karma). Controls darkness. Drowning Doom affiliated.
Bill Williamson, Neutral (+- 0 Karma), Mist Powers. Drowning Doom victim
"Doviculus," Neutral (+-0 Karma), First Sons Experiment gone wrong.
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