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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Priest   Priest Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2013 6:54 pm

"You shall be slain, Demon."- Priest

Name: Priest
Priest has a collection of anti-conduit weapons in his arsenal.

One Tainted Shard Katana- This a a hardened tainted shard blade. It excels against conduits, it is good for blocking attacks and does well against humans.

Bow And Tainted Shard Arrows- Priest has a bow with arrows tipped with tainted shards.

Shotgun-Priest caries a shotgun, for anti-human protection.

Pistols-Two. For taking out humans in need be.

Tainted Shard Knuckles- Priest has brass knuckles tipped with tainted shards. Excellent for punching out conduits.
Social Class:Priest was very high on the social ranking board, but has faded back into the shadows once joining the Templars.

Hidden Blades- He has hidden blades on his wrists, which can be pulled out an used as knives. Tipped with tainted shards.
Associations: Templars.
Brief History:
Priest was an ordinary preacher, by the name of Morris Morbius, mostly. He preached harder than most preachers however, and he was quick to call out 'Heretics' and 'Demons'.
But then, the Ray Sphere blast occurred. He immediately began writing off conduits as demons.
Eventually, he snapped. He lured a total of twenty conduits into his church, under the guise of experimental procedures to see what causes these powers, and ended up burning the place to the ground, with them still inside.
After wards, he joined the Templars, he quickly ascended through the ranks, and became a very good assassin. Almost any target selected for him would be dead within the week, and would definitely be dead. He eventually ditched his name, to show God he has no need for mortal things like that. However, he did take up the call sign Priest for others to address him by.
He currently roams Empire City as one of Deej's top men, and as a hyper-lethal assassin.

Appearance: Priest has a powerful build, standing at six feet tall, with strong muscles. He has long legs, and menacing green eyes. He rarely smiles, but when he does he shows a set of very pearly whites. Priest is also rarely seen without his combat suit.

COMBAT SUIT- It is designed like one from Assassin's creed, but instead with a cross symbol. He wears a katana on his back, as well as his shotgun. He has an ammunition bandolier across his chest, and a belt for his pistols. he also wears his bow and arrows on his back. On this suit, he has stab plates, kevlar, and A few tainted shard plates.

Personality: Priest has respect for very few. The only people he holds any respect for are Deej, Himself, and God. He rarely shows any emotion, but has a hatred for conduits probably only rivaled by Deej himself. Priest will go to extensive lengths to kill conduits, be that even killing a few Templars in the process. He has a very dark personality, he doesn't think about killing, he just does it. He is ruthless, and a tactical genius.

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Priest   Priest Icon_minitimeThu Jan 17, 2013 11:18 pm

Don't power play this too much. I know it's easy to do with assassins. Approved.

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