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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 The Demolition Expert

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PostSubject: The Demolition Expert   The Demolition Expert Icon_minitimeWed Feb 13, 2013 11:58 pm

Name: Loch Kingling

Gender: Male
Age: 19

-Various Small Explosives: Loch carries any array of small explosives in fanny pack he wears. He is a demolition expert after all. Such examples are: Flash bombs, smoke bombs, sticks of dynamite, small packets C4, etc.

-Wrench: While Loch is a demolition expert, he also considers himself a tinkerer. Therefore, he feels the need to carry a wrench on him, either for fixing something that catches his eye or bashing someone over the head of course.

Social Class: Middle Class

Associations: No one, and everyone. (Works, and makes explosives for whoever pays the most)

Brief History: Loch's family has been a long line of miners. Specifically, miners that liked to use explosives. Therefore, he grew up around people who told him stories like how his great-great grandfather once got to celebrate the opening of a mine but firing the first load of dynamite. He began to love hearing about explosives, and begin to drill his family to teach him about how to make them himself. They laughed at his enthusiasm, and said they'd teach him somethings when he got older. Loch was peeved a bit at first, but respected their decision. When he did get older, they did actually begin to teach him about the family's recipes for explosives. When the blast hit the city, Loch's family began to try and bust themselves out of the city. With, what else, but explosives. Loch stayed at home, in case they needed someone to bring more explosives to break through the quarantine. However, the attempt went bad when the family was shot down when they began to set up the charges. Loch found this out later, and receded into solitary living. He learned everything his family had left behind in their home, and eventually moved out of the house. He built himself a home in a abandoned shop in the Neon, and began working, manufacturing, and selling bombs to the highest bidder.

The Demolition Expert Animepaper.net_vector_standard_anime_katekyo_hitman_reborn_gokudera_dynamite_99560_vixvix_medium-a75b5c01

Personality: Loch is considerably weird by definition. Half the time, he appears eccentric, talking loudly and using hand gestures while speaking. On the flip side though, he may act sullen, almost depressed. His personality seems to cycle almost everyday, which makes him somewhat predictable, yet, somewhat unpredictable. He tries to be civil (when he's not talking a mile a minute, or depressing the crap outta them), and is very hospitable when he wants to. He does show a bit of respect for the people who have hired him, even though he acknowledges the fact that he's only following them for the money.

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Loch Kingling - Demolition Expert - Works for whoever pays the most - 0
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The Demolition Expert
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