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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 No more Miss Nice Girl

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Grim Reaper

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Character sheet

PostSubject: No more Miss Nice Girl   Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:52 pm

Name: Alexa Weiss.... Sena Crosse

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member(pick one): Conduit

Powers ( If applicable. Be descriptive, please!): Darkness

Dark Blades - Two long Katanas formed into her hands, made of darkness
Dark 'blades' - litterally roller blades of darkness that form on her feet, allowing her to move faster, glide, and jump higher
Dark Lances - Lances that form by her sides and stab into any object or person as desired
Blind - Tentacles of darkness seep into the eyes of a victim, stripping them of their five senses for a short time
Guns - Guns she keeps on her persona with bullets made of her darkness that give the blind effect to whoever it hits, also unlimited ammo due to this
Shadow shifter - Can teleport from one shadow to another
Shadow rise - can lift up an enemies shadow to make them fight her opponent

affiliations: Former Templar, First sons hunting and now Dust Men affiliated

History: Sena was a fomer amnesiac who recently regained her memories due to the War with the Templars. Upon killing the leader and her former lover, Dimitri, Sena completely changed and regained her Memories. She's switching living spaces between Haven, her older brother, and 249. Now though, its time to take a stand.

(if you don't feel like filling out the appearance form below. Four
sentences at least, please. Pictures allowed to compliment.):

Personality (being descriptive would be nice. At least five sentences.

Appearance Form (Optional. One of these things on appearance needs filled though. That much is required.)

Eye color: Bright Grey

Hair color: Dark Brown

Skin color: Pale white

Clothing style (How do they usually dress?): Leather short sleeve jacket, always zipped up, black shorts, shoes made of darkness that switch into dark roller blades. Black gloves that go from the elbow down and an choker, made of tainted shards, on her neck.

End Appearance Form

effects on appearance and powers ((Completely optional, but it shows
thought on your part if you fill this out. Please fill in both ends of
the spectrum so you have the option to go either way.))

Hero: Hair turns completely white, all clothes are white, and all 'darkness' is white. Unable to go into the sunshine without pain.
Champion: Can go into the sunlight without any pain, dresses in white
Guardian: Her hair gets lighter, her powers weaker
Thug: skin becomes slowly whiter and hair darker, powers get stronger
Outlaw: Black veins visible under flesh of eyes, eyes get paler
inFamous: Extremely strong, able to go into the sunlight with absolutely no pain, dark veins popping up under thin, paper white skin. Her eyes turn completely white.


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Black Snake Preacher of All Things Golden

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PostSubject: Re: No more Miss Nice Girl   Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:29 am

If there beith no objections, I say approved.

I work the quirks cause if I didn't start sloppily, I'd never clean up this cotdamn properly.
-Quoth, George Watsky, Stupidass

Cyn aka Rat-Conduit-Neutral-Darkness, Anger and Depression, and Punching-Co-Head of the Crass Menagerie.
Haruka -Conduit-Neutral-Vectors-Roommates with Danny and Teah.
Julia(Stygian)-Civilian-Neutral-Sidekick of the Darkness
Judas-Conduit-Neutral-Love-First Daughter
Montgomery(Guard Duck)-Civilian-Neutral-Part of the Crass Menagerie
Lyla-Civilian-Neutral-Mother of Randall
Randall-Conduit-Sweets-Son of Lyla
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Demigod Conduit of Administrative Awesome
Demigod Conduit of Administrative Awesome

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Character sheet
Characters: Ophelia Ford, Thomas Ellis, Simone Cowell

PostSubject: Re: No more Miss Nice Girl   Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:28 pm

wait, she can't go into the sun at Hero, but feels no pain from sun at Champion?

Ophelia. Neutral (+1 Karma). The Fallen Angel. Controls Tears. Single
Spartan:Thomas. Sound conduit. Deceased
Spartan:Simon Cowell. Champion(+5 Karma) Shapeshifter. Dating Marie, owner of Bar Dumort
Spartan: Ash Nukem, Neutral(+- 0 Karma), multple selves. refers to self in the pluralled person(says we instead of I a lot)Single, yet not.
Slender, Neutral (+- 0 Karma) The Slenderman. Single. Drowning Doom runaway.
Teddy Riggs, Neutral (+- 0 Karma). The Admin. Government Agent
James Montgomery, Gaurdian (+1 Karma). Controls darkness. Drowning Doom affiliated.
Bill Williamson, Neutral (+- 0 Karma), Mist Powers. Drowning Doom victim
"Doviculus," Neutral (+-0 Karma), First Sons Experiment gone wrong.
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Grim Reaper

Posts : 1325
Join date : 2012-04-12
Age : 23
Location : In a house ya?

Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: No more Miss Nice Girl   Mon Apr 01, 2013 10:52 am

Yeah its kinda one of those
OH HEY I FEEL BETTER--*BAM*nevermind....


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PostSubject: Re: No more Miss Nice Girl   

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No more Miss Nice Girl
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