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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 The Black Star (An idiot is born)

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PostSubject: The Black Star (An idiot is born)   The Black Star (An idiot is born) Icon_minitimeMon Jun 24, 2013 7:43 pm

  Kai Kyohaku (formerly Jacobi Withers)

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member: Conduit

  Kai is able to expel energy from his body. This energy has the consistency and shape of  a thick, fluidic, black fire.  Coming into contact with this energy could create a feeling that one would describe as an intense scalding cold. The energy burns, chars, and melts anything that it comes in contact with, yet it does not cause or spread fires. The main property of this energy is that it's expulsion can create a force similar to that of a rocket. Kai can expel this energy from any point at least 3 inches away from the surface of his skin. This causes that area to be propelled at a great speed and force. Basic applications of this include; Kai expelling this energy from the back of his elbow, allowing him to deliver an incredibly powerful punch, Kai expelling energy from the bases of his feet allowing him to leap great heights, or glide on the energy like skate wheels, etc. Kai is also able to expel this energy from his entire body, in a specific direction, allowing him to 'shift' a short distance to dodge out of the way of any attacks, or falling boulders, or whatnot
  It is also possible for Kai to envelop a portion of his body in this energy, causing anything that comes in contact of that area to burn in the energies cold heat.
  Kai is able to regain energy, and slightly revitalize himself by either ingesting, or absorbing engine fuel. The cleaner and more powerful the fuel, the more energy he gains. He is also able to remove all 'restraints' from himself and push himself beyond his normal limits, regaining all of his energy in a burst, at the risk of heavily damaging himself. This is extremely dangerous however, as this release puts an immense physical strain on his body, possibly tearing muscles, and forcing him into unconsciousness once these reserves are spent.  If Kai were to expel too much energy from a single point that point could scald and burn, and in worse cases his muscles in that area could tear, and his veins and arteries could burst. Shifting too far or too often can also cause muscle tearing. If Kai strains his energy reserves too much he could cause temporary loss of sight, severe mental cloudiness, and a dangerously irregular heart rate.
  Finally, due to his genetic mutation, Kai possesses strength, stamina, resilience, and agility above normal human limits.

Named applications of his powers are as follows
  Magnum: Kai presses his index finger, and his middle finger together and generates a small condensed pellet of energy. He keeps his thumb extended outward and charges energy into it. He then presses his thumb against the inner side of his index finger and expeles a condensed blast of energy, launching the pellet with about half of the force and power of a bullet fired from a magnum revolver.
  Magnus:  Kai is able to 'throw' a small orb of energy about the size of his fist from his hand. He places his index and middle finger and charges this energy 3 inches away from their tip. He then swings his arm as the energy begins to propell it'self away from Kai's position. This orb of energy explodes very slightly on impact with the force of a firecracker. The orb also slowly follows the tip of Kai's index finger. It's final reach before fizzling out is somewhere around 30 feet.
  Erupt: Kai encases volatile energy within a shell of condensed energy. Within 3 seconds of it's creation the volatile energy cracks through the shell and explodes outwards. Due to the nature of the energy however it's entirely possible for the volatile energy to crack through only part of the glass-like shell making it just as likely to erupt in a conal radius from any random direction, as it would be for the shell to burst in a grenade-like explosion.

Any affiliations
  Kai's uncle Maximilian, and all the staff of the 7th star motel and gas station.

  Jacobi's only companion at a young age was his best friend Maryle Jones. He never had the luxury of knowing his father, and his mother was killed due to gang violence in the area where he'd lived when he was only 10. For the longest time he lived with his aunt Ariel, and his uncle Maximilian. At age 16 he dropped out of high school despite fantastic grades, due to his inability to deal with the idiot students around him. During his high school years he was considered a menace of bullies, as he'd frequently beat the tar out of them for committing even the most minor of offenses against fellow students. He met Maryle when he 'rescued' her from a group of thugs who'd threatened to commit acts unspeakable upon her. From that point they were best friends... Sort of. Whenever Maryle was mentioned to Jacobi, he'd swear his hate for her. Whenever Jacobi was mentioned to Maryle, she would say he's more of a guard dog then a friend. Despite this they were frequently seen together, chatting and such. Maryle, in the exact opposite fashion of Jacobi, stayed in school, attended a university, and studied genetic sciences. When Jacobi was 24 and Maryle was 28, Maryle left for California, saying that she was needed to assist in a research project her colleagues were conducting. 4 years later Jacobi receives a package, apparently from Maryle. Inside he finds a shard of Rayacite, and upon touching it he is filled with an immense energy. The eruption of energy decimates his apartment and knocks him unconcious. He awakens the next day in his uncles house. Apparently his uncle had received a call telling him to go to Jacobi's apartment, where he found Jacobi, and upon leaving noticed several strange men scrambling towards the destroyed bottom-floor apartment. Jacobi, now aware of his new abilities, finds that he now has the power to fight, and stomp out anything that gets in his way. Jacobi changes his name to Kai Kyohaku to stroke his kung-fu fanatic fancy, and to signify his changing as a person, and as a human being. He spends the next year honing his skills on thugs and barrels, learning the extents of his powers and abilities. During he'd figured out that there were others with powers like him, for whatever reasons they had, and that they could possibly be just as much of a threat to people as anyone else, if not far far worse. He has recently come to receive a letter, stating that Maryle was in Empire City. Kai was now ready to face the world, and find Maryle, to get to the root of these sudden changes, and to get rid of some trash along the way.

  Kai is a somewhat short young man with very tan skin that marks his Filipino roots. standing at around five feet, and nine inches. His build is fairly athletic, as he exercises and runs about the streets and rooftops daily. He is naturally well built with somewhat broad shoulders and sports well defined muscles regardless of weather he exercises or not.  He has somewhat above facial features with a slightly wide nose, thick but well defined  lips, and very handsome, slightly slanted, dark brown eyes. He sports three stud piercings at the left side of the bridge of his noes, one ring piercing on the right side of his lips, a stud piercing in each earlobe, and one ring piercing on his right eyebrow. His hair is very thick and very long, ending at shoulder length on all sides. He doesn't regularly tend to it so it's often left unkempt aside from a slight occasional brushing to remove knots.

  Kai's personality at first glance could be described as dystopic. He is a very somber and dark person, who holds himself in very low regard. His personal opinions towards most people are very poor, and his trust is very hard to earn. He is also somewhat introverted and anti-social. Despite this however, he's often the first person to admit that there is good in everything. He holds real heroes, and good people in very high regard, and is incredibly hateful to those who abuse and bully. He is very passionate and fights to his marrow for what he believes in. He is usually very polite and helpful to those that need aid, and will do anything he can to see that they are happy. He is automatically somewhat distrustful of other conduits, especially those who would consider themselves vigilantes. Those with power can be easily corrupted by it, and often do more harm than they help. Kai is also kind of Misogynistic. He is VERY distrustful of women and tries to keep as far away from them as he can. However, for some strange reason, he is very easy for women to manipulate, despite his misogyny. It's almost like he is ingrained with a strange compulsion to do whatever they ask, especially if they hold positions of power or are highly respected. He is extremely nice to children, especially younger girls. He is violent towards anybody affiliated with any sort of gang, or questionable/maligned organization. His likes include Kung-Fu flicks, fantasy novels, cooking, firearms (especially handguns and sidearms)and moving fast. His dislikes are idiots, bullies and thugs, pretention, old people, dust, and mosquito's. His habits include picking up random objects that MAY be useful later, tapping his foot to random beats in his head, and waxing-poetic. His is phobic of spiders, heights, sharks, tight claustrophobic spaces, and having his movement restricted.

Appearance Form

Clothing style:
  Whenever Kai is prowling the streets he wears a thin, black, slightly fire-proof jacket with a high collar that, when buttoned, covers the lower half of his face. He also wears large, black, rounded glasses, with blackened lenses that act as one way glass, concealing his eyes from view, but allowing him full vision from the other side. On his hands he wears black cloth fingerless gloves with soft flexible patches of padding under the fabric to keep his palms from getting scraped or bruised too badly. He wears loose black sweatpants, and skate shoes to cover his legs, and very large feet. Wrapped around his neck is a long white and black stripped scarf that aids in concealing the lower half of his face, and making him look way cooler. Casually, he often wears whatever fits, and looks somewhat decent, sticking to darker colors. Usually black's and browns. He's somewhat attached to a very old and loose black sweatshirt that's 2 sizes to large for his build. He is always seen wearing his floppy, worn, black bucket hat on his head. A thin white band circles around the base of the hat, just above the brim, and the words "STAY BEAUTIFUL" are printed on the forehead in bold white.He is very attached to this hat, and will devour anyone who defiles it.

End Appearance Form

Karma effects on appearance and powers

Hero: Kai is no longer distrustful of women. He has reached a point of zen and enlightenment, where he has realized the good in himself and all things around him. Kai's control over his energy has reached a masterful degree, increasing his capacity. He is now able to meditate in order to slowly regain his energy, is no longer at risk of hurting himself when he releases his restraints, and can now project his waves into solid objects like restraints, bars, nails, and so on.
Champion: Kai is no longer distrustful of conduits, seeing them all as potential allies, though he is still on his toes. Kai makes more of an effort to capture or subdue criminals, rather then beat the tar out of them. Kai has far more control of his power, allowing him to designate the point from which he generates his magnus power to 10 feet away from his body. He is now able to expel pure force with his energy, rather then hot freezing flames. Kai is now a very happy and polite individual.
Guardian: Kai is a more meditative person, thinking before he acts, and questioning what he does. He is less inclined to destroy those who would abuse the lesser, but he still seeks to make them pay. Kai has more control over his powers, giving him the ability to expel a great deal of energy away from his body without shifting him, forcing enemies and objects away. Kai's energy gains a whiter hue, and he is able to give it more force, and less damaging properties.
Neutral: Kai is as he is. Just his normal self-loathing self.

Thug: Kai has turned into a very angry person. He is willing to do whatever he can to stop those he despises without much care. He still refuses to hurt by-standards, especially children, however the destruction he causes is of no concern. His hair takes on a blacker tone, and his skin becomes somewhat paler. His black energy burns with more intensity and loses some of it's chill.
Outlaw: Kai is now willing to injure by-standards to get what he wants, especially women, but he will never hurt a child. His energy now only radiates heat that is able to melt and destroy objects, and glow's with a red hue.
inFamous: Kai now seeks to destroy all conduits and thugs without hesitation. He has become bitter and cruel, and has learned that the only way to keep people safe is to force them into fear and oppression. His energy is now a pure red flame that sets fire to everything it comes in contact with. When Kai releases his restraints he is at risk of even possibly killing himself. He gains a massive amount of muscle mass, and becomes a great beast, ravaging and destroying everything in his path. Kai's skin is almost white pale and his eyes glow with red fury.

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Kai...oh the irony...Anyways, accepted!

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