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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Kiame Morningstar

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PostSubject: Kiame Morningstar   Kiame Morningstar Icon_minitimeSun Jun 30, 2013 2:05 am

Name: Kiame Lorelei Nikolette Morningstar.. The First

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member: Conduit, Vampire

Powers ( If applicable. Be descriptive, please!): Kiame has what is referred to as Personal Osteokinesis. Meaning she can manipulate her skeleton. She can effect her skeletal structure, can manipulate the speed at which she grows her bones, and has an all around perfect skeleton no matter the circumstance. Her bones regenerate quickly and are stronger than any normal human's. She also has enhanced speed, being able to move at paces hard to follow by the human eye. Kiame is a Vampire. She wasn't born one, actually, but she was turned. She has the natural vampiric ability of minor regeneration by siphoning human blood, along with Shadow Swarm, high endurance, and the ability to sense other vampires.

Any affiliations: Vampires

History: Kiame was born to Kendra Carmen Morningstar and Duke Michael Morningstar on someday during some month during some year. She was born into money, so she never had a problem getting what she wanted with a little whining thrown in. She was rather spoiled for most of her life, until an experience that she had changed her. She met a young child who wasn't as fortunate as herself and they hit it off. When she find out that the person she was friends with was homeless and didn't have much money, she snuck things away from her parents and gave them to him. He was appreciative for it and continued to be friends with her for a long time.

It was only downhill from there. It was diagnosed at an early age that Kiame had 'glass bones' and was in and out of the hospital regularly for fractures and breakage. Despite that, she tried to continue living a healthy life and enjoying herself. During an outing to New Marais with her friend, they were walking around at night and were jumped by a vampire. Her friend was killed and Kiame was bitten, not being turned instantaneously for some reason. Fleeing as fast as she could, bringing her friend's corpse and giving him a proper burial. It was with horror and disgust that it finally weighed down on Kiame that her friend of 12 years was now dead. After the funeral of one, she packed up a suitcase full of possessions and left for Empire City, unable to tell her parents what happened.

Kiame happened to be unlucky, or lucky, enough to arrive in Empire only a few days before the blast. She had just been getting used to living there when it happened. She was out on a walk and before she knew it *explosion*. The first thing she thought when her eyes opened and she had become fully conscious was that all of her bones would be broken. But it was quite the opposite, actually. Her bones had become stronger than ever, and superhuman even. They were regenerating at a speed she couldn't even tell. But here was a bad side. It seemed that the bite she had suffered from the vampire had lied dormant until the blast, but it activated at the same time as her powers. And, with the bite having done its deed, Kiame took her first black-out in a long time and awoke with an overpowering taste in her mouth and someone's cadaver on her couch. She was ashamed of herself and became determined to never succumb to instinct again.

Appearance: Kiame Morningstar 0223184319
Kiame is a slender, but well shaped young woman. Her skin is a nice tan color and her eyes are a deep, sparkling red ever since being turned into a vampire. She has nice, dark cinnamon colored hair that's not too long but reaches around to the bottom of her back. She has the typical vampire teeth deal, complete with sharp canines that elongate when she's ready to bite someone. She's got a natural mischievous look to her. Her lips are usually curled into a smirk or smile.

Personality: Kiame is much kinder than most first impressions of her would reveal. To most people, she seems to be the typical Alpha Bitch. Y'know, rude, obnoxious, holier than thou attitude. However, those who get past that find that she's a rather sweet girl. She's not too fond of being a vampire just because of the fact that she doesn't like the way she has to sustain herself. She has come to peace with this and tries to do it only when she absolutely requires it. She enjoys teasing, and can come off as quite flirtatious. She is a bit cocky, but only because she's confident.

Appearance Form

Eye color: A shiny, dark red that resembles a jewel. Her pupils are vertical black slits.

Hair color: Dark brown.

Skin color: Tan.

Clothing style: Kiame tends to wear revealing outfits and tight or form fitting clothing. She has a fondness for leather and denim. She also likes long skirts and lace.

End Appearance Form

Karma effects on appearance and powers

Hero: Kiame is able to create a sort of exoskeleton around her that gives her enhanced strength and durability.
Champion: Kiame possesses the skill to slam her fists into the ground and cause bone spikes to rise from the ground within a 20 ft. radius.
Guardian: Kiame can create structure out of bone like wings and a tail.
Neutral: Regular presets.
Thug: Kiame make it rain needle-like bones on an area within a 7 ft radius of her.
Outlaw: Kiame can create a BFS out of dense bones and attack opponents with it, but only for an hour.
inFamous: Kiame can form a skeletal dragon body around her, giving her the power of flight and several sharp appendages.

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Kiame Morningstar
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