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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Randell Dévon

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PostSubject: Randell Dévon   Randell Dévon Icon_minitimeTue Aug 06, 2013 11:46 pm

Name: Randell Dévon

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member(pick one): Conduit

Powers: Randell, upon awakening as a conduit, gained an odd ability. Basically, whenever he eats a certain type of candy or he ingests something sweet, he gets a different ability. The abilities are different for each kind of sweet. Most are positive effects, but some are negative. Here are some examples.

  • Gum- Upon chewing gum, be it a gumball or a stick of gum, Randell gains the ability to stretch his limbs. The catch is, this power won't work with sugarless gum.
  • Sugar/Powdered Sugar- When Randy ingests straight, plain sugar, he gets speed powers and can run really really fast.
  • Lemon drops/Lemonheads/lemon etc.- After eating a lemon candy, Randell will be able to spit acid. The most powerful this acid can get is to the point where it can melt steel.
  • Sour candies- When Randy eats a really sour candy, he EXPLODES LIKE A MINECRAFT CREEPER. He'll be fine, but he'll take damage from it. This particular ability is negative.

Any affiliations: His mother, Lyla Dévon.

History: Randall was born a few years before the Blast, and was brought up by his mother in an apartment in Empire City. He was cared for dearly, despite annoying his mother on a few occasions. Then, the Blast occurred. Neither him, nor his mom knew that anything had happened, till one day Randell bummed a Lemonhead off of his mom and started spitting acid all over the place. Needless to say, they moved, and Randell is now learning how to control his powers.

Appearance: Randell Dévon 315927_1320567733001_400_300

Randell is frickin' adorable. He has an orange brown kind of hair color which is kind of wild and unmanaged despite looking very well. His eyes are a kind of amber color which is deep and shines in the right light. He's rather small, considering he's just a kid and his cheeks are kind of chubby. He wears a lot of hoodies and t-shirts, some of which are a bit too big for him. His mouth is usually stretched into a bright, wide smile and he carries his teddy bear around with him almost anywhere.

Personality: Randell is one of the most innocent people left in Empire City, frankly. He's very optimistic and smiles a lot and laughs a lot too. He responds well to compliments and doesn't think girls are gross, like most his age would. Due to his mother's teaching, he's highly intelligent at a very young age. He's social, but can be very stubborn. He's honest and highly trusting as well. In general, he's a sweetheart that cares about his mother fiercely and will do anything to protect her. Randy speaks with a slight lisp, but don't tease him about it, that'll get him angry. He loves sugar and pretty much all forms of candy.

Appearance Form

Eye color: Orange amber.

Hair color: Orange brown kind of color.

Skin color: Caucasian

Clothing style: Hoodies, t-shirts, turtlenecks, whatever his mother can scavenge that isn't for females.

End Appearance Form

Karma effects on appearance and powers ((Completely optional, but it shows thought on your part if you fill this out. Please fill in both ends of the spectrum so you have the option to go either way.))

Hero: Very clean and neat, hair combed but still controlled-ly wild. Randell can now combine certain powers by eating the the corresponding sweets at the same time.
Champion: Clothes are less scruffy. Powers last longer.
Guardian: Hair is a little bit neater. All powers with mild negative effects disappear.
Neutral: Normal presets.

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PostSubject: Re: Randell Dévon   Randell Dévon Icon_minitimeWed Aug 07, 2013 2:19 am

What a cockney little boy. Approved.


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Randell Dévon
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