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 Rules for Trolling Offenses

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Rules for Trolling Offenses Empty
PostSubject: Rules for Trolling Offenses   Rules for Trolling Offenses Icon_minitimeSun Mar 18, 2012 2:17 pm

I will not Speak for the Other 3 Admins, but I (personally) have a very low Tolerance Policy of People who Spam. My system for dealing with them is as follows:

1st Offense: Warning
2nd: 24 Hour Ban
3rd: 1 Week Ban, along with a Final Warning
4th: Account Deletion, as well as the Accounts Email Address put on a watch list. if you make a second account with that Email Address, and start Trolling again, there will be absolutely NO WARNING! the second account will be deleted, and the E-mail Address will be Banned.

now, i understand there are some people who unintentionally Spam, but those will be dealt with as warnings. This System is for those who get caught seriously Trolling, Spamming, or being a general nuisance. I do not like it when People get on and treat such a nice site like a pile of feces. I am an ordinary member of many other sites, and I have to tolerate Trolls without being able to do anything about it, but since I can Here, I thought I would give a fair warning. I hope i didn't go for the Terror Element here, I just don't like when people troll, a feeling I'm sure the Serious User would Understand and Appreciate.
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Rules for Trolling Offenses
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