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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Mat's back

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PostSubject: Mat's back   Mat's back Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 8:18 pm

Name: Mat

Age: 15

Gender: Male


Powers : 
Teleportation: Mat has the power to teleport AKA tele and he’s pretty strong for normal boys his age  IE he can lift about 170lb.

Body separation: Mat can also tele parts of his body but to a certain extent (2-4 meters) and immense pain as if the part is being ripped off his body, so not his preferred attack method.

Stealth: Mat is the essence of the perfect assassin because other then his power he's human, so he’s very quiet in the way he walks,runs, or does anything.

Blades all over his body: Mat thinking ahead has hidden about 5-7 bladed weapons on his body at all times, if something happens to one of them IE it breaks from overuse, it gets stolen, he loses it somehow.

Guns: Mat knowing he has to keep up with the times has 3 guns all packed in a closet and filled with rubber bullets, his guns are, twin handguns “Lance and Marie” these guns were given to him by Ken and have the spirits of Lance Lucifer and Marie Metatron, And a sniper rifle made to knock out people called “Posrednik”

Any affiliations:  His father, and master Ken

History: Mat is an amnesiac, he got this case of amnesia when he got his powers, Mat is also an orphan. Mat survived the aftermath of the explosion somehow and somewhere between starving to death, and suicide at the age of six and a half. At age 7 a man named Ken found him and trained him, Ken was and is the closest thing to a father Mat had, or remembers. Ken trained Mat in the art of the sword something he practiced for all his life but he gave one, and only one rule that is called “Kens code” it says that you cannot, and will not kill unless you’re saving someone you’ll die for” Mat has followed this all his life. when Mat was 10 his master was killed right in front of his eyes with his own sword (Mats) and since then he’s been very stoic and sad looking.

Appearance: Mat is always seen wearing a hoodie, mostly white,black,blue, and red, his hoodie is made out of kevlar. Mat is a albino meaning he has white hair and red eyes. Mat wears T-shirts under his hoodie with jeans that are blue, black, and white. Mat usually has his sword in a sheath (saya if it’s a katana) but hides it under his hoodie if he’s going out.

Personality (being descriptive would be nice. At least five sentences. Mat is a stoic child not really liking others, he was never really social but when Ken died, Mat just basically gave up because he doesn't want to see someone close to him get hurt again. Mat is gumptious, or cocky sometimes but that’s to keep people away from him, but he is really lazy when he doesn’t want to do anything something others have noticed hes got in spades to get those who got through his cocky layer gone, and if they get through all that he shows them that he’s his stoic and gloomy kinda self. Mat is very lone wolfy because if anyone’s going to get hurt he wants it to be him. Mat would rather not be a burden to those around him, but wants them to stay away so they can’t get hurt.

Eye color: Red

Hair color: White

Skin color: Pale

Clothing style: Hoodies with T-shirts and jeans usually blue 

End Appearance Form

Karma effects on appearance and powers

Hero: His hoodie is a white color with blue streaks and a angel winged design, his jeans also look white and pristine, His guns are white with streaks of blue, and Lance and Marie being Lance, and Marie Metatron and Lance is the nicest he’ll ever be, His sword is white with blue streaks and his sheath is white and pristine  (saya) Mat will also be nice and more talkative as if he’s talking with people he’s known his whole life. 
Champion: His hoodie is a light color with blue, his jeans also look clean and new, His guns are light with blue, and Lance and Marie being Lance Luc, and Marie Metatron with Lance being nice, His sword is light with blue  and his sheath is light and new looking (saya) Mat will also be nice and more talkative as if he’s talking with old chums. 
Guardian: His hoodie is a lighter color with some blue, his jeans also look cleaner and newer, His guns are lighter with some blue, and Lance and Marie being Lance Lucif, and Marie Metatron with Lance being nicer, His sword is lighter with blue and his sheath is lighter and newer looking (saya) Mat will also be nicer and more talkative. 
Neutral: His hoodie is a range of colours, and so are his jeans, and his tele powers are a grey,his guns colors are gunmetal grey, With Lance and Marie being Lance Lucifer and Marie Metatron with them bickering like an old married couple , with his sword being a silver with a grey sheath (saya) Mat is his same old self 
Thug: His hoodie is darker with some red, his jeans look dirtier and rougher, his tele powers are darker with hints of red, his gun are their normal color with some red on the barrels and Lance and Marie are Lance Lucifer and Marie Metat and Lance acting a bit more mean, and his sword is darker with a redder grip and a darker and rougher looking sheath (saya) Mat is meaner and more shut-in.
Outlaw: His hoodie is dark with red, his jeans look dirty and rough, his tele powers are dark with red, his gun are their darker with red on the barrels and Lance and Marie are Lance Lucifer and Marie Met and Lance acting meaner, and his sword is dark with a red grip and a dark and rough looking sheath (saya) Mat is mean and shut-in.
inFamous: His hoodie is black with red streaks and a demon winged design on the back, his jeans look dirty and torn open, his tele powers are black with a red aroua, his gun are their black with red streaks on the barrels and Lance and Marie are Lance Lucifer and Marie and Lance acting mean and bossy, and his sword is black with a crimson grip and a black and evil looking sheath (saya) Mat is evil and shoos all away with his crazy, and evil personality.

Mat-hoodie wearing, sword welding, and gun talking, 13 year old-Karma-Neutral-0
Quintin D. Hacker AKA Quint-15 years old -Karma-Neutral-0
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PostSubject: Re: Mat's back   Mat's back Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2013 8:44 pm

I approve.

I work the quirks cause if I didn't start sloppily, I'd never clean up this cotdamn properly.
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Mat's back
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