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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Like a phoenix from the ashtray, Danny's back.

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PostSubject: Like a phoenix from the ashtray, Danny's back.   Sun Dec 29, 2013 12:32 am

Name:Daniel “Danny” Marson

Age: 27

Gender: male

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member(pick one): Citizen

Powers ( If applicable. Be descriptive, please!):

Any affiliations:

History (Five sentences minimum, but the more the better!): Danny snapped after spending too much time following far behind Teah and Haruka, always landing in the shadows. He couldn’t take it, but he found a group that could take him, the First Sons. In exchange for a pint or two of conduit blood he could join. Problem was, when he got the blood the orginization had moved to a new headquarters leaving Danny in the dark. The dark, like Teah and Haruka’s shadows. Back to where he left from. Danny hated it and had enough of this, he hid away for a week as he managed to steal a truck, load it with all the machines he could fit and all the research that was left behind and set out to the middle of nowhere. Three years later he returns, out of conduit blood and needing more samples. His research marched him in circles, finding out that conduits are even more complex than before. Armed with a pistol and a few syringes. He took to dealing drugs to keep the lights on, making a good amount of money selling crack, heroine, weed and ecstacy. He only managed to invent one thing in the entire process, and that was a drug that would nullify a conduits abilities, and a whole pint of it would only barely work for 16 seconds, slightly weakening abilities. He needed more blood to do further testing.

Appearance (if you don't feel like filling out the appearance form below. Four sentences at least, please. Pictures allowed to compliment.):

Personality: Paranoia and determination are a deadly combo. When you think everything will go wrong, you tend to do dramatic things. This is what Danny lives like, doing everything he can and then worrying that he needs to do more. He is no longer jovial, but constantly in fear. Unless he’s high, then He’s a whole different person, He becomes more like his old self, but with more... Passion.

Tenno: Molecular Manipulation - Neutral - 0
Jackson: An electrifying and 'attractive' individual - Neutral - 0
Danny: former med student turned drug dealer - Neutral - 0
Lysander: Reaper reformer - Neutral - o
I eat ass, man
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PostSubject: Re: Like a phoenix from the ashtray, Danny's back.   Mon Dec 30, 2013 12:53 am



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Like a phoenix from the ashtray, Danny's back.
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