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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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Character sheet

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PostSubject: All Armor Systems Online   All Armor Systems Online Icon_minitimeThu Jan 09, 2014 7:46 pm

Name: Jason Cregnix

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member(pick one): Conduit(Maybe Gang Member, if you count The Spartans as a Gang.)

Powers ( If applicable. Be descriptive, please!):
Hyper Advanced Intellect- Jason Cregnix has IQ beyond anything that could possibly be held by any normal human. His IQ is estimated at well over the 200 mark(however Cregnix has never bothered with IQ testing himself.), and is considered to be one of the smartest beings on the planet earth. Cregnix's intellect has allowed him to build thousands of machines, including the hyper-advanced Spartans base, and a large stockpile of Iron Man armor systems. He has also constructed a Portal Gun, but he has stopped using that given that he discovered you only had a fifty percent chance of getting out the other side alive. He has also constructed a small armada of prototype DRAGON armor systems(detailed later).

DRAGON Armors:(Note, DRAGON doesn't actually stand for anything, it just looks cooler in all caps.) Jason Cregnix has begun developing his own set of armor systems, slowly beginning to use these instead of Iron Man suits. At first he'll only use them once in a while, favoring Iron Man suits, but eventually he will grow to use them far more than his Iron Man armors. These DRAGON armors come in various forms, often created using a humanoid Dragon idea for the armors. Most of the suits are equipped with a fairly scale-like armor plating, and generally pointy-ish design, as well as a helmet shaped like the head of a Dragon. Most suits are also equipped with wings.(Keep in mind, for more Dragon suits, I will require admin permission and/or will need to purchase a blast core.)
Black Dragon:
White Dragon:
Green Dragon:
Purple Dragon:

Any affiliations: ((Here, you can put that your character is affiliated in any way. Yes, this includes dropouts from Gangs. Hence, Slender, my character, would put down Drowning Doom Dropout here.)): The Spartans, C-Tech, and formerly The First Sons.

History (Five sentences minimum, but the more the better!):

Jason Cregnix was born in Empire City, and has loved the place since his birth. His mother and father were simple people, while not very rich or very poor, they helped out where they could, donating to multiple charities. Through his parents, Jason was inspired a great love of Empire City, for all its ups and downs.

One thing that followed Jason through his whole life to this day, is his love of superheroes. All his life, Jason studied his comic books like they were his school books, believing that there was a hero somewhere deep inside of everyone.

Jason did very well in his studies, getting exclusively A's. He skipped a grade, and towards the end of hi high school education was offered scholarships to a number of prestigious Universities.

But then, the Ray-Sphere blast occurred. Jason woke up several hours after the blast. His house had been quickly looted, and his parents were killed. The people in the freshly-made hellhole were apparently quick to act on their new freedom. But Jason quickly discovered, his intelligence was greatly beyond anything he could have imagined. Spending several hours in what was left of his parents basement, some parts from wrecked cars, and his old skateboard, he made a very crappy hoverboard. In only got a few feet off the ground, and produced exhaust fumes like nobody's business, but it was enough for them.

Quickly realizing he would require funding, he rode his board over to the First Sons base. After mush discussion with the one called Kessler, Jason reached an agreement that he would deliver the First Sons technology in return for a generous amount of funding. However, Jason quickly realized that he was helping very bad people. He quickly sliced the amount of technology he was giving them, while he began work on his own company- Cregnix Technologies, or C-Tech for short. He maintained his connection with the First Sons until a few months after the Opehlia Conflict, finally severing his bonds with them by giving them a large cash settlement.

Jason Cregnix, after the blast, also began dreaming up a team of sorts, to ensure the security of the people of Empire. A group to keep crime off the streets. Jason eventually formed The Spartans, after he and a number of others were summoned to the top of a building, somewhere in the city. The Spartans have since grown to be one of the most, if not the most formidable organizations in the city, with Jason himself being widely considered one of the most powerful men in Empire.

Appearance (if you don't feel like filling out the appearance form below. Four sentences at least, please. Pictures allowed to compliment.):
Jason is rather tall, standing at 5' 11". he is not particularly muscular, nor is he fat. Over the years, he has chosen to grow a beard/mustache combo similar to that of Tony Stark. His green eyes usually either wear a look of concern(either for certain others extreme stupidity, or for something going down in the city) or a look of joy.

Jason is, at his core, an extreme nerd. He is not above making nerdy references at all times, unless the matter is intensely serious. He likes joking around a bit, but is not really the type to pull pranks, more to make witty quips occasionally. He is confident in himself, but still a bit awkward. Sort of like if Tony Stark wasn't an asshole and had a habit of tripping over his own feet. Jason will rip of the C-Tech board at any opportunity he gest as, in his own words, "I never thought I could hate a group of slimy old bastards whose worse crime was liking Elvis this much." Jason really loves what he does, and what he does is building awesome machines and kicking the ass of bad guys. If he could be doing anything in the world, it would be sitting in his nice Spartans Tower Penthouse, just building something else to make the world just say, "Wow!". Jason is in love with Ari Stilles, and is actually considering asking her to marry him. Jason is a rather laid back kind of person, but can get serious when he needs to, no matter how much he dislikes seriousness. He knows seriousness leads to stress which leads to other bad things. Jason will always help others when he can, and, despite his intelligence, he is rather oblivious to obvious things at certain times. For example, at one point he tried to help Dimitri Qunit, without realizing that he was pretty obviously a bad guy who just snuck into his warehouse.

Appearance Form (Optional. One of these things on appearance needs filled though. That much is required.)

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Black

Skin color: White

Clothing style (How do they usually dress?): Jason, due to the oh-so-annoying board of C-Tech that he is on call for at any moment, he typically wears a neat business suit, tie and all. He wears a number of suits, such as pinstripes and such that he'll occasionally wear. His favorite however, if the one that looks just like it's fresh off the rack at the Men In Black HQ, this is the one he wears most often.

End Appearance Form

My signature now says it is too long. So, for my characters list, please see here:
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