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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Silicone WIP

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PostSubject: Silicone WIP   Silicone WIP Icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2014 6:19 pm

Name: Kristoff Hanford (Kris)

Age: 18

Gender: male

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member(pick one): Conduit

Powers ( If applicable. Be descriptive, please!): Silicone

A form of rubber used as a sealant, a lubricant , it’s head resistant and an insulator. It can adhere to some surfaces but slide right off of others. It’s a very versatile substance

Kris can shoot a stream of silicon balls at bullet speeds for short lengths of time to subdue his enemies.

Kris can slide on the ground and maintain speed by using silicone slabs under his body and against the ground.

Kris can use his silicone to give him increased resistance against fire and heat of all kinds, as well as electric and physical damage as it is durable and not conductive of heat or electricity.

Kris can throw a large Silicone ball around  that is very heavy and bounces fairly well, able to hit multiple targets if his aim is right

He can shoot it in it’s liquid form as well, solidifying onto whatever it hits and expanding, acting as a sealant between whatever two things it touches.

Silicon tends to stick to certain substances as well, and Kris can use this to spiderman his way up things.

Any affiliations: Nope!

History (Five sentences minimum, but the more the better!): Kris was about 11 during the blast in Empire City. He was nowhere near it though. He remembers it because he got taken out of school, as did most if not all of his classmates. His family was shaken by it as his uncle worked and lived in Empire City. He was not killed by the blast, but they didn’t find out for a good amount of time afterwards when all of a sudden their door was knocked down and water spilled all over the floor. His uncle was caught in the blast and had his Conduit abilities activated. His family was elated that he survived, but all Kris cared about was his cool new super uncle! as he grew up, he heard news of the DUP forming, making little progress at first. He didn’t care. All he knew was that his mother had the Ray field plague and he needed to take care of her while she suffered from this incurable disease. During this time, he must have caught this disease as his powers started to activate. It was small things at first, like sneezing Silicon, slipping on perfectly grippable surfaces, or the occasional burn that never actually burned him. As time went on, however, the DUP moved to his town and tested everyone. He came up positive and his friends and family all seemed to not want anything to do with him. He had nobody to turn to, nobody would help him as the DUP guards started to move toward him, guns raised. They  ordered he put his hands up, and he did. This was when his powers fully maniphested. Bullets were fired, smoke cans thrown and concrete rocketed form the ground. All seemed to barely bruise him, slip right off if they weren’t driect hist or simple get stuck in the ground. His powers manifested as armor and a few bits of liquid Silicon keeping the concrete in the ground. The gas from the smoke canisters couldn’t pass through the silicone. The last thing he remembered was water spraying on him and then he woke up alone in New Marais with a note. “Kris, you’re a conduit. Life sucks for us right now, but I’m sure you can find a way to make it in this world. I wish I could be with you, but if two conduits were found near each other, the city would probably get quarantined. Love, Uncle Drew.”

Appearance (if you don't feel like filling out the appearance form below. Four sentences at least, please. Pictures allowed to compliment.):

Personality (being descriptive would be nice. At least five sentences.):

Appearance Form (Optional. One of these things on appearance needs filled though. That much is required.)

Eye color: Blue, with a green outer edge.

Hair color: A light brown, with strakes of blond hidden throughout.

Skin color:  White

Clothing style (How do they usually dress?): He loves the feeling of short sleeve shirts, but has never liked the style, so he simply rolls his sleeves up. He wears corduroy pants near daily along with some sneakers.

End Appearance Form

Karma effects on appearance and powers ((Completely optional, but it shows through on your part if you fill this out. Please fill in both ends of the spectrum so you have the option to go either way.))




Neutral:((Note, this is included so you can put in essentials concerning appearance of both character and powers. Example: gray ice, white lightning, normal looking fire, normal looking water)




Tenno: Molecular Manipulation - Neutral - 0
Jackson: An electrifying and 'attractive' individual - Neutral - 0
Danny: former med student turned drug dealer - Neutral - 0
Lysander: Reaper reformer - Neutral - o
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Silicone WIP
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