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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Alayna - I am the light

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PostSubject: Alayna - I am the light   Alayna - I am the light Icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2014 8:14 am

Name: Alayna
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Powers :Light - Alayna has influence over Light. She can drain from most light sources, but not neon signs. Think more streetlamps, car headlights, etc. Her powers include:
Flight - Via bright, angel like wings with appear/disappear at her will

Focused beam laser
Blinding light to subdue enemies
Prism Break - Alayna's light splits into 7 beams that shoot out in multiple directions 

Any affiliations: None

History: Growing up in a small, conservative town, Alayna was brought up with a strict code of what is right and wrong. She adhered to a strict moral code and refused to bend for any reason. However, when she is tested for the conduit gene in a DUP screening, and taken away from the public to be locked in a dark, cold cell in Curdun Cay, her mind begins to bend along with her visions of right and wrong. 
With only her own inner light to banish the darkness of her cell, she slips deeper into isolation and soon madness. She views her captors as evil, and vows to end their dark influence through any means necessary. She believes this to be her purpose. To use her light to cleanse the villainy from this world. 
With this is mind she begins to develop her powers over her years at Curdun Cay. She becomes a fierce fighter and a dangerous weapon. Though due to her seemingly mild mannered, quiet nature, she is able to fool several guards into thinking she is harmless and manages to escape her prison in Curdun Cay. Now she roams the streets of Seattle, righting wrongs and cleansing this dark world. 


Personality :

Appearance Form 

Eye color:

Hair color:

Skin color: 

Clothing style (How do they usually dress?):

End Appearance Form

Karma effects on appearance and powers ((Completely optional, but it shows thought on your part if you fill this out. Please fill in both ends of the spectrum so you have the option to go either way.))

Neutral:((Note, this is included so you can put in essentials concerning appearance of both character and powers. Example: gray ice, white lightning, normal looking fire, normal looking water)
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Alayna - I am the light Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alayna - I am the light   Alayna - I am the light Icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2014 8:40 pm

Not saying anythings wrong, but it'd be sick if she could bend light around her to render her invisible or something. I was gonna make a light conduit and that was one of the things I was going to add. Enjoy your stay on inFAMOUS

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Alayna - I am the light
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