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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Connor Miles

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PostSubject: Connor Miles   Connor Miles Icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2014 8:10 am

Name: Connor Miles
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Pick one (Conduit/Gang Member/Citizen): Conduit

Powers: Lightning
Connor has the powers of lightning, like Cole McGrath, but he isn't that good at using them.

Affliction: Some scientists is after him, trying to catch him and use him as a bio-weapon.

History: Connor got his powers from his dad, Silver Miles. And Silver got his powers from an explosion in a laboratory, where they were making with their own hands a RFI, that they could take the powers off conduits with. They used a Blast Core, but they were less careful, and because of an experiment with the Blast Core (they were trying to split it off), it exploded. He was closest to it, and got affected. After the explosion, he became a Conduit.

He tried to remain calm and not showing his powers. He came through his life well. he got a wife, and got a son, Connor.  But when he found out that the child had the same powers as him (due to genetic share or what it's called) he tried to kill it because he was afraid of its future. But when he saw his child, he couldn't kill him, so the father dissappeared. The mother was with Connor, and after the dad left, she would never tell her son about his father. She would try to raise him as a normal child, no matter what. She didn't want him to become a bio-weapon for the army.

After 12 years, Connor discovered, that he actually had powers. He discovered it, when he fell off their own roof. He could see, that he healed and that it didn't hurt that much. After that, he became more courageous. He tried to jump off roofs and make parkour, and he was a nature talent at it.

But at a galla with his classmates (he had classmates, his best friend was Nicky and Chris), some scientists came and ordered him to become a research project. They knew that he had powers from his dad. They didn't tell him, and they didn't tell him that he had other powers either nor that he should become a bio weapon. But he still said no, and the agents and scientists didn't like his answer. So they send agents to kidnap him when he was heading home, and it was then that he found out his powers and he paralyzed the agents. He had a choice, to kill them or leave them to the scientists and the military government. He let them be and went home.

After that, he realized, that he could use his powers to become a superhero. He told it to Nicky and Chris, who only believed in him, after he proved it. There was a lot of crime in his city, and he wanted it to be gone.

Personally: Connor is kinda naive, sometimes. Most of the time he uses by playing parkour and video games with his friends. He is gentle, when he can be, but if he is in trouble, he always get away. Due to his mother , he is gentle to his mother and usually wants to make her happy by surprising her and stuff. He is an, yeah angel to his mother. when he is with friends, they make eachother laugh. When they play, run parkour and other stuff, they laugh. Like joking to eachother and they love it. Connor Miles Lol

Power use: He discovered his firstr power of lightning: To shoot spark shots. He can shoot them at his enemies and paralyze them for a little amount of time (most 3 seconds). He can also use his power to soar in the air, but he is still a beginner. He hasn't learned to run twice as fast as a normal human still, but...yeah

Appearence Form: He is very courageous and always tries to exceed his limit or other's limit.

Eye Color: Dark Brown (Can sometimes turn yellow when he uses his powers.)

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Dark Moulat (Mother is african, dad is american)

Clothing Style: Blue West, white blouse, blue, hat (kinda knitted hat from his mother), blue pants with pants pockets and black running shoes.

End Affliction: His karma is Neutral.
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Connor Miles
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