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 Kita Nicalls: The Queen on the Glass Throne

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PostSubject: Kita Nicalls: The Queen on the Glass Throne   Kita Nicalls: The Queen on the Glass Throne Icon_minitimeFri Jan 16, 2015 12:35 am

Name: Kita Nicalls

Age: 26 1/2

Gender: Cisgender female


Powers: Control over glass. Able to create basic glass constructs such as walls from the ground, claws on her hands, or caltrops. She can also shoot glass projectiles from her hands such as large javelins or small darts. Recharges by absorbing glass or dry sand, rocks with sand in them won't work though. Can generate different colors of glass at will, but it must be a color that she has recently absorbed, sand creates clear glass. Is able to walk through glass objects.

Any affiliations: Former member of the Akurans.

History: Kita joined the Akurans after the first emergence of conduits. After 2 years of violent opposition towards conduits, Kita discovered that she, too, was one of those that she had hated for so long. Her brother, Michael, discovered her power and gave her two options; Leave Seattle and never come back, or he would out her to their gang. Kita chose to leave and, with all her savings, bought a plane ticket for Chicago. With no money, no family, and nowhere to go, Kita was completely lost. She began to live on the streets and quickly fell into a deep depression. Kita decided that if this was how conduits were destined to live, she would rather die. After a suicide attempt, Kita caught her first break. A plant conduit by the name of Stacey Wingger found Kita as she was passed out due to blood loss from self-inflicted wounds to her wrists. Kita awoke in Stacey's small one bedroom apartment dazed and confused. Stacey explained how she found her and, after a demonstration of her powers to win her trust, asked Kita to move in with her. Stacey and Kita quickly became close friends and they lived together for 3 1/2 years. Kita was coming home with a glass bird sculpture as an anniversary present for Stacey, but what she saw on her return was far from a warm welcome. Someone in Kita and Stacey's building had found out about them, and had tipped off one of the local gangs. The gang responded by bombing their apartment. Kita desperately searched the rubble for Stacey but could find nothing, only scraps of clothing and bits of burned wood and scorched concrete. Kita was consumed by rage and sadness, anti-conduits had taken everything from her; her family, her home, and now the one person who cared about her and whom she cared about the most. Not knowing what else to do, Kita decided to return to Seattle to destroy the Akurans as a way to avenge Stacey.

Appearance: 5'9" (175.26cm) tall, weighs 203 lbs (92kg), slightly curvy, pixie cut, single nose piercing through left nostril, mulberry colored birthmark on her cheek about the size of a 50 cent coin, painted black nails.

Personality: Suffers from depression in the form of depressive mood swings, enjoys almost any kind of humor, violently hates Akurans and all anti-conduit organizations (as in, if someone so much as mentions their support for the Akurans, DUP, etc., she will be consumed by rage), fond of art, enjoys creating small glass sculptures, enjoys the company of other conduits, doesn't trust non-conduits easily, loves cheesy action films, allergic to cats, thinks elephants are adorable.

Appearance Form:

Eye color: Emerald green

Hair color: Dyed red, faded. Natural color is light brown.

Skin color: Pale

Clothing style: Feminine, but not too feminine. No dresses, but enjoys lady's pants and shirts, and maybe a skirt from time to time.

End Appearance Form

Karma effects on appearance and powers:

Hero: Deep blue hair, perfectly clear glass.
Champion: Faded deep blue hair, almost perfectly clear glass.
Guardian: Sky blue hair, clearer glass
Neutral: Faded red hair, not very clear glass
Thug: Deep red hair, unclear glass
Outlaw: Faded purple hair, glass is almost impossible to see through.
inFamous: Dark purple hair, glass is impossible to see through.
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Kita Nicalls: The Queen on the Glass Throne
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