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 The Site War

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PostSubject: The Site War   The Site War Icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2012 11:22 pm

Theseus and I have discussed an idea that was brought up in the chat box awhile ago. For those of you who weren't there the idea is to have a conduit/Templar war. In the end, we came up with this:

Ophelia has "drowned" a part of the Warren with her tears and Reapers.The Templars now see Ophelia directly as wanted demon #1. The Tenplars have teamed up with the Militia (Who also want to rid the world of conduits) to directly assault the Warren. Meanwhile, the Dust Men are attacking Ophelia's forces with everything they have. The First Sons have sent in multiple troops to capture what they can in the Warren. The conduits are attracted by the fighting for personal reasons.

If you don't want to participate you don't have to. Also, you may use any character wether they are free or in a different RP.
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The Site War
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