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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Ethan Black

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PostSubject: Ethan Black   Ethan Black Icon_minitimeMon Aug 19, 2013 2:00 pm

Name: Ethan Black 

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Conduit/Citizen/Gang Member: conduit

Powers: pyrokinesis

This is an after effect version of pyrokinesis
·         Needs to absorb fire or heat, but he needs to absorb more if he chooses heat and it is slower. He has 5 cores that need to be lit. Absorbing heat from a NPC will only restore a core whereas absorbing from a fire, chimney, car or other natural source (except the sun, it needs to be relatively close) will regain 1.5 cores per source.  
·         Ash or smoke creations: Ethan can create something out of either ash or smoke but it can only be created in a 92 cm range (3 feet if you use the imperial system) and each creation takes up a core (this is dependent on size, so if he makes say a larger version of his fist that would take up more than one core). Using creation through pipe takes up 3 cores and lasts 1.5 min
·         Ash and smoke bolts: Ethan naturally generates ash or smoke (depending on karma), so by gathering either up and setting fire to it he can shoot them off. Each bolt uses up 1 core and only causes light burns and pushes target back a bit.
·         Ash or smoke golem form: by gathering smoke or ash on his body Ethan can make himself a metre (4 feet if imperial) and twice as strong (physically and pain threshold wise). The form only lasts four minutes because it burns up all of his cores. If he uses a core for another ash or smoke creation then his time left is halved.
·         Ash based teleportation and smoke based hover: If he has bad karma Ethan can momentarily turn into ash and teleport 4 feet in any direction by using up a core, but if he has good karma he lights smoke gathered on the soles of his shoes and in the palms of his hand and launches up, also allowing hover for a small bit. The hovering last about 5 minutes and burns up a core every minute
Weapons: a smooth 60cm (1.97 foot) lead pipe that he sometimes uses as the base for his creations
Any affiliations: none

History: Ethan Black was born in the Empire City Historic district in 1997 whose parents abandoned him. He was a high school student without much promise who was beaten up every day for being a pacifist. Living by himself had taught him that nothing good came from fighting and he should avoid fights at all costs. This lesson came to him as he was walking around one day. He heard footsteps and turned around to see his schoolyard bullies running after him. He immediately sprinted away, hoping that he would lose them. After running into a dead end in an alley way the bullies arrived. They started taunting him and he waited for his beating. But just as the first bully stepped forward, the Ray Sphere went off. The bullies were absorbed and so was everyone in the apartments around him. He now lives trying to control his powers and to drown out the guilt he feels for ending so many peoples life. He sometimes tries to help people and joined the Historic District’s urban exploration group that formed during the quarantine. That is how he learned how to climb from there. He is sickened every time the thought “now I have the tools to fight back” crosses his mind. He got a job as a bike courier in the Neon district, so he often practices climbing to get to his customers. And due to his recent moving to the Neon district he often gets lost.  

Personality: A natural pacifist and good person Ethan normally tries to help people and avoid fights. Without a doubt his movement abilities are his favourite. He is also naturally curious and a decent artist and writer. He is a dedicated person but a natural slacker, he left school due to the inability to pay and has been happy about that decision since he made it. He is also a lover of music and tried his hand at bass guitar, unfortunately he also quit going to lessons because of the pay. He still has his bass and plays it from time to time. Although being a conduit gave him a new lease on life he is still quite timid and socially awkward, often standing silently when listening to people. Although the people that know him very well will tell you that he can be quite talkative.   

Appearance: Ethan is scrawny and 5 foot 2. He is toned and has gained muscles from his climbing and package delivery. His clothes are scuffed and dirty and his hands are calloused and scarred from the climbing. He has a messy mop of hair and a long scar over his left eye from an incident with a bully and a switch blade. He is just your average, everyday empire city conduit.

Eye colour: green

Hair colour: dark brown

Skin colour: white 

Clothing style: Ethan normally wears a grey hoodie and blue jeans with a grey shirt that says “some men just want to watch the world burn” in white letters. He also wears white and black all-star sneakers and a grey belt with a silver buckle. He also has a grey watch and a grey standard issue courier back-pack given to him by the company that hired him. After revamping the strap normally used for cylinder shaped parcels he stores his pipe their now.

Hero: His hoodie is now white with a grey flame on the back, his jeans look cleaner and his belt is white. His shoes are now white track shoes and he uses white smoke. His watch is now white, his skin is sun-kissed and his eyes are grey. His backpack is white and the pipe is cleaner and also looks white.
Champion: His smoke is grey and his shoes are now white and grey sneakers and his hoodie is white. His jeans also look cleaner than usual. 
Guardian: he uses black smoke and his clothes look cleaner. 
Neutral: uses a mixture of both ash an smoke which is considerably weaker due to his body having to produce both
Thug: clothes look dirtier and darker. Uses dying ashes
Outlaw: hoodie is now black and sneakers are black and grey. His jeans are a darker colour and he uses ashes that a warm and more alive. 
infamous: His hoodie is now black with a grey flame on the back, his jeans look black and ashy and his belt is black. His shoes are now black track shoes with burn marks on the soles and he uses lit ashes. His watch is now black, his skin is pale and ashy and his eyes are red. His backpack is black and the pipe is dirtier and also looks black.
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Ethan Black
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