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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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PostSubject: inFAMOUS- Heroes   inFAMOUS- Heroes Icon_minitimeSun Dec 22, 2013 9:04 am

(Note: This is an AU to our roleplay. It will still feature our basic character ideas, however, many events in roleplay will not have happened in this universe, and certain characters will be portrayed differently.)


Matt Alacran looked out over Empire City, quiet in the moments where it was not quite night, yet still not morning. There was a certain tranquil peace to it, something uncommon in a city of thugs and maniacs with power beyond what is natural.

Matt stood atop his apartment building, in his nightgown, clutching a cup of coffee in his left hand. Dark circles went deep under his eyes, he'd been up a lot, lately. Something was always happening in this city, and sometimes it felt like it was up to him and him alone.

Since the Ray-Sphere blast, Police response to anything happening in the city was minimal to non-existent. The Police were afraid of getting torn apart by conduits, and those powerful gangs that prowled Empire City. For that matter, everyone was afraid.

Except him. Were there others? Maybe. He'd seen a number of conduits flying about the city, but nothing he'd ever been personally engaged in. He'd seen a glimpse of red-orange armor once, but that was during a particularly late night, so he could never be sure. Though his quiet, reserved civilian self may not show, Matt was far more than meets the eye. He worked out of a quiet home office, occasionally stepping out for coffee and morning crossword puzzles, just to be like everyone else. But at his nights, he was something more. Empire Citys only vigilante, The Darkness. Many were terrified of him, but others just thought he was a nut in a costume who'd be an easy kill. However, if someone in the second group ever met him, after recovering a from a number of shattered bones and bruises, they'd quickly move to the first group.

Looing over the city, Matt silently pondered his work. "How many criminals have I stopped to this day? How many conduits have I brought down? How many other peoples bones have I shattered? For that matter, how many of my own?" He'd been The Darkness for just over a year now, getting his start roughly a month before the blast. Adjusting to the conduit threat had been difficult, going from dealing with a thug that wields a pocket knife to fighting a man who could rip apart tank armor with his bare hands would shell-shock anyone. But, everything, conduits included, had seemed quiet lately. Nothing really big was happening. No one was getting into a costume and taking over a part of the city like they were fresh out of a comic book. Until of late. Things seemed very strange lately. Things seemed... Different. Matt couldn't put his finger on what it was. Just a sense in the air, like a great storm was coming. Whatever it was, he'd be ready. or so he hoped.

Suddenly, from across the roof, the rooftop access door quickly was thrown open, and someone shouted,

"Matt, have you seen the news? Get in here!" it was the voice of his landlord, but something was odd. he sounded panicked. Not the kind of panic you'd hear from a criminal getting beaten on by a vigilante, nor the kind from someone getting mugged. The kind of terror like it was the end of the world.

He hurried indoors, dropping his coffee and allowing it to spill on the rooftop while his landlord ushered him in. In the upstairs lobby, he watched the horror on one of the wall mounted TV screens.

The cameras were centered on a man in the center of the screen. But, calling it a man would be a understatement. Whatever it was, if had a vaguely male human shape, and it had very pale white skin. it stood at easily ten feet tall, with a striking green pants and a bare chest. It threw around cars like they were play things, tossing them at people and laughing merrily like he was a murderous Santa Claus and this was his bloody Christmas celebration.

With everyone engrossed in the action onscreen, it was easy for Matt to slip away from the crowd and into his apartment. Hurrying to his closet, he accessed a secret back panel , punched in a few codes and fingerprint scans, and pulled out his costume. He pulled it on as he went towards his window.

He slid his window open, and looked once more onto Empire. The Darkness had never been out in the light of day before. But dire situations called for action.

The Darkness turned his hand palm-up, and pushed a number of buttons on his palm-top computer. Then, he jumped. Out the window.

Usually, most doctors would tell you this is an ill-advised decision that is very bad for your health. Usually.

As he feel, something sleek, black, and fast sped by, and he landed on it with a tiny metallic clang.

The Darkwing. it was very difficult to get a military-grade fight jet into the hands of a civilian like himself without being traced. But, he had it and that was what mattered. He pulled himself across the hull of the flying ship, and keyed open the cockpit hatch with his glove. Sliding into the cockpit, he strapped in a gunned the engines. He shot across the sky, flying at several machs, punching in the coordinates into the ships computer. His plan was to have the plane to a run over it, drop him off, and jettison off.


Roughly two minutes later, The Darkness ejected himself from the cockpit. Ad the jet roared away, he glided down with his cape and hit the ground rolling. He looked across roughly fifty feet of road, littered with scattered cars, and saw his adversary looking in his direction. The ten foot tall man.

The man looked in his direction, and grinned ever so slightly. He dropped the car he had been holding, as if sensing a challenge. "Interesting entrance." He purred. His voice was hard to place in ethnicity, it was rolling and deep, vaguely reminiscent of James Earl Jones.

The Darkness, ever silent, simply narrowed his eyes behind his mask, and reached into his utility belt. Drawing two shurikens, he flug them both with all of his strength at his adversary.

The metal throwing stars bounced off the man like they were toys, and he gave a hearty laugh. The behemoth of a man began wading through the destruction in the direction of The Darkness, about to make the little costumed man just another name on his kill list, and savoring the occasion.

The Darkness pulled both of his guns, and using one, emptied a full magazine of rubber bullets into the man. They did nothing. With his other pistol, his real bullets seemed to hurt the man, but only as if they were little bee stings. that was a problem. With only twenty feet between them now, The Darkness had a decision to make. Stand and fight him head on, or run.

Drawing his steel staff, he thought, "The priority is the safety of Empire City and her people. Not my survival."

The Darkness was careful to maintain a reserved posture, while his finger lingered on the extension button. One of the first rules of combat was to wait for your opponent to make the first move, if used correctly, this would give you the upper hand.

Two feet now. The man raised his powerful hand, as if ready to pimp-slap The Darkness's head off of his shoulder. That was when the Darkness activated his staff, and swung it around, aiming for the mans face.

In a split second, the mans hand shot up and clutched the staff. He then brought up a second hand, and snapped the staff in two.

The Darkness, quick to react, dropped the staff, and ran at the man, not planning to strike, but to jump up and use the mans body to propel himself up and over his adversary.

Instead of allowing himself to succumb to The Darkness's plan, the man caught the Darkness mid-jump, and viciously whipped him around and threw him.

The Darkness rolled for a good then feet before jumping up to his feet. His opponent was obviously holding back, with his level of strength The Darkness had no doubt that his opponent could grind his bones into a fine powder. The Darkness reached into his belt, and slipped on two pairs of brass knuckles. He charged the man, and threw several punches to his face.

The man simply stood and took them, his face absorbing the powerful punches as if getting pawed by a kitten. He raised an arm slowly, readying for a powerful strike, but The Darkness japed his underarm sharply, and the mans arm fell dead. Though his strength was clearly augmented far beyond human level, his body still followed human physiology, and thereby, pressure points.

The Darkness, capitalizing on this successful hit, twisted the disabled arm out of its socket.

The man, now slightly angered, growled, and bitch-slapped The Darkness aside, cradling his damaged arm.

The Darkness slammed hard into a car, leaving a dent. His butt landed on the concrete, and as he recovered, the man quickly snapped his arm back into its socket. As The Darkness, appearing defeated pressed several keys into his palmtop, the man advanced on him, with a new, reddish energy glowing from his eyes and around his hands.

The Darkness pulled his grapple and fired it into the sky. "Hasta la vista." He quipped quietly, as the man advanced still on him.

Suddenly, The Darkwing whipped around once more, and just barely caught The Darkness's grappling hook. The hook quickly began pulling The Darkness up into the cockpit area, while the man down below shouted, "Come back down here, mortal!" And began unleashing red energy blasts from his hands and eyes.

The Darkness, in the cockpit now, realized this was not a battle he'd win with fisticuffs. This was a fight that only military grade technology could have a hope of winning. Given that his jet was just that, The Darkness unleashed several missiles on the man.

He was thrown back several dozen yards, slamming through decimated cars.

As the man tried to recover from the powerful hit, he looked up to see The Darkwing roughly ten yards from him, going maximum speed, about to crash.

The Darkness had set the jet to crash straight into the man, while ejecting himself once more, but this time with another toy from his arsenal. The Shade Cycle. He hit the ground with the cycle as the huge jet crashed into his adversary. That would hopefully hold him for a while.

The Darkness reversed thrust and backed up with the cycle, as a groaning of metal screeching from where the plane had crashed, the man/thing was trying to tear its way out of the wreckage. Not for long. The Darkness activated all of the cycles weapons, and hit the wreckage with all its force. Just as The Darkness hoped, the blows connected with the ships damaged fuel tank.

A massive fireball consumed the wreckage and several destroyed cars around it.

When the explosion was over, The Darkness quietly sat, revving his motor cycle, waiting.

A single hand shot up from the crater left be the detonation. it was bloody, with exposed bone and muscle. The and pulled itself up, revealing its owner, the ten foot man. He was horribly beaten up, his bones were showing, he had no skin left, blood was everywhere. But the horrifying thing was- he was regenerating. His skin slowly grew and crawled back over the bones and muscle that was healing itself.

The Darkness wouldn't give him a chance to get back up to full strength. He shot forth on the cycle, with both twin linked chain guns firing. The massive man just raised his arms and absorbed the shots from the cycle, and as it neared, batted the thing aside, while snatching The Darkness of it.

"You don't deserve to LIVE!" He shouted, and threw The Darkness. This time he was not holding back. The Darkness flew through the air for many, many yards mashing through several two story windows. He ended up easily several hundred feet of the way, landing on the hood of a car. He should be dead. It felt like everything was broken... Kevlar only protects so much.

In front of hi, the huge man smashed down, leaving a crater, obviously having taken a huge jump to get him. He turned with a sneer, and began stalking to The Darkness. This was it, The Darkness was dead in the water.

However, something interesting happened. Something fast, red and orange shot out of the sky and clinked around The Darkness's limp form. From the red/orange things chest a huge blue beam fired, startling and blasting the huge man back. The armor, or whatever it was, around the Darkness suddenly activated thrusters and jettisoned off. The darkness, seeing nothing inside but Darkness, for the first time in his life, was uncertain whether or not he would make it out alive.

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War Sabine was not the type of woman you'd call in to check on a city. War Sabine was who you called when you absolutely, positively, had to have someone or something destroyed by the next day. Despite this, the FBI decided to summon her for the Empire Situation.

As the helicopter touched down on a make-shift Helipad roughly a mile from Empire City, War Sabine, in full combat armor stepped out, with the blades of the helicopter causing her hair to wildly whip around.

She began walking towards the dull green of the commanders tent, looking for a situation report.

"Good to have you on board Sabine." A voice said. War, not looking to her side, had already registered that someone was falling in stride with her.
Whoever it was handed her a manila folder titled "CONFIDENTIAL- SITUATION REPORT". "I've read your file. Even the parts the Feds didn't want me to. We'll need your skillset, but that lone wolf stuff stays behind."

War looked beside her, the man next to her obviously had higher clearance than she did, being able to check out parts of a file even high ranking Federal Agents didn't want him to see. It was General Ackerson of the U.S army. Maybe what was going down here was more than what War's primitive briefing had told her.

He kept talking as War began looking at the photos of what was called "The First Engagement" most of the pictures were of a huge man doing battle with some vigilante nut in a costume. "The guy in the costume calls himself 'The Darkness'. He was mostly considered an Urban Legend, until now. Reported sightings of the guy say he have no powers, but what information we have on him puts his skill level at, or close, to yours War."

War stopped and looked the general in the eye. "You're telling me- That you think some two bit vigilante is as good as me? Me? He's not. We shouldn't be basing our damn operation of what this vigilante punk couldn't do." War growled.

"He's hardly a punk. Might even be ex-military, he had a fighter jet. But that's beside the point, the real danger is the Pale Man." The general said, pointing to his picture. "The individual survived an explosion that wiped out a quarter of a city block. And from what we can tell he's only getting stronger. When he fought that Darkness guy he dropped to his knees when he got hit by missiles, now he's shrugging tank shells off right before he rips the tanks apart with his bare hands."

"So what? We nuke this city, he's gone. Hell, we could probably just deploy a few Headhunters and he'd be down."

"The Headhunters are a no-go. They're all deployed in North Korea for a strike mission, making the conduits of this city our best option for taking him down. Plus, there'd be hell to pay if we nuked on of our own cities."

"If we're going to get the conduits to help, then why do we need hundreds of these fucking troops?"

"We don't know if we can get the conduits to help. A state of emergency has been declared across New England, pending the whole country of he gets farther. This thing is bigger than we realized when it first popped up."

"Fine." War said, stalking off deep into the camp. "When we're ready to move, you know who to talk to."

((OOC: Hey guys, sorry for the short and not action filled chapter. I just needed a way to introduce War, and I didn't want to have back to back losing fights with The Pale Man. So, yeah. I hope you liked it!))

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((OOC: Be warned, this is one of those chapters where the AU thing comes in big, because this character will be played VERY differently.))
Thomas Ellis sipped his shot and slammed it down, now empty. "Another." He growled at the bartender. Thomas's life was quite frankly in the shitter. His old girlfriend, Opehlia, from before the blast was missing. Probably dead. Maybe she had gotten out early, somehow knowing about the hellhole this city would become. Thomas had no money left, and all his family were dead. He had no frineds left, they all either died or went insane with conduit powers. But not him. His sound powers hadn't made him go crazy. Yet.
Thomas had no money left. Not that the people in this damnable city really cared about the green paper anymore. All he had left was his brain and his booze.
Thomas wore a blue hoodie, with the sleeves ripped off. Underneath that he wore a plain white t shirt, he also wore black jeans. His face was covered in stubble, and his hair was long and unkempt. He didn't give a shit about his appearance anymore, in fact he almost liked the way it was now, it was the look that told common street thugs to piss off.
As Thomas downed his last shot of whiskey, Thomas heard a small rumbling noise, with lots of stamping footsteps. Some work of large vehicle, with a lot of guys it seemed. Sounded about a quarter mile away.
"Damn." He thought, wearily pulling himself from his seat. "The alcohol's numbing my powers. Should be able to hear shit from miles away." He drunkenly stumbled out of the bar, and peered down the road. There was a tank, rolling down the street, flanked on either side by a half dozen soldiers. Thomas flipped his hood up and walked down the street, trying to get a better view. He placed himself against the wall, and watched the massive military vehicle roll by.
"You." he said to a random passing solider.
The solider casually gazed in his direction, while keeping in stride with his unit. "Whadda you want, bum?" He asked bluntly.
"The hells going on? You military assholes didn't give a flying shit about this city until now." Thomas growled.
"Watch your fucking tongue, civvie." The military man barked. "Haven't you seen the news? Piss off to your cardboard box home, fucking drunkard." He said, smelling the alcohol on Thomas's breath.
Thomas, heeding the soldiers warning, made his way to his home- But not without spitting on his boots first. Luckily for him, he just sucked it up and kept walking. Had he chosen to react, he'd probably wake up a few blocks way, and deaf to boot.
As Thomas walked, he tuned his ears to the inside of buildings, searching for the sounds of a turned on TV.
Finally finding one, he listened.
"For viewers joining us now, the situation in central Empire City is developing rapidly. A large pale man has appeared in center Empire City, and is causing widespread havoc. Efforts to stop him have proven useless, he has so far killed several dozen people, and defeated both a vigilante, identified as The Darkness by Empire residents, and several military units. The military assures us we will win this one, but we here at the station feel this might not be a fight we can win. If you're listening.. Take your families! Run, hide!"
Thomas tuned his ears out from the noise and his eyes narrowed. he stomped hard on the ground, and used the strong thumping sound it made to launch himself into the air. As he reached the peak of his jump, he clapped his hands and launched himself onto a rooftop.
Using an assortment of claps, stomps, and whistles, he managed go get himself several blocks away from the huge pale man, but far enough away so the pale figure could not see him. Thomas decided to test a new technique he'd thought up.
He sat in the ground, in a meditation position. He began snapping periodically, and focused on the sound his snapping made. In his mind, he was trying to piece together a sonar picture of the scene. he couldn't do it. All he was getting were faint images... He furrowed his brow, he began sweating with the effort, trying harder and harder.
Suddenly, there was huge booming sound a mere few feet from him, the sound of cracking concrete and heavy breathing. Thomas gasped and his eyes fluttered open. He scrambled backwards, and looked to see what was happening.
The Pale Man was there.
"My hearing is good too, boy." He sneered, making his way towards Thomas with his hands outstretched, looking to choke him.
Thomas yelped and clapped his hands, using the sound to blast the man back and launch himself away. As he desperately made his escape, he heard the man laughing behind him, but staying within range long enough to hear him say;
"Haha! Run boy, run! You will all die eventually, by my hand!"
Thomas knew that this was bigger than him. No business for some random drunk. He should just get out of the city.
But with a new fire in his eyes, a fire that hadn't been there since before the blast, he realized-
He wouldstop this.

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DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM that was good... though Thomas never drank... but hey. This is fanfiction, so I'm not going to blast you.

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Raiden McBain. Normal man. Graduate of Empire City High. Member of Empire City PD, and, most recently, First Son captive.
Well, calling a man like McBain normal would be an understatement. His whole upper torso was gone- Replaced by something else. A strong titanium alloy was where his skin used to be, what used to be his torso was now a jumble of wire.
Being imprisoned in the center of a First Sons base was never fun. His arms and legs were both held, separated as far as they could go without causing Raiden extreme discomfort. His head was hung low. His medium white hair concealed the look of dread on his face. Just thinking about that day, as he always did- The day of the Blast. If things had gone a little differently, if that truck full of First Sons had blown up.
Raiden heard a small beeping sound. Ah, the testers, of course. Raiden could have sworn it wasn't time for the weekly tests yet, but in this room he could barely tell if hours, days, or weeks had passed.
A small door at one end of the stainless steel holding cell slid open, and five men walked in.
"Strange." Raiden though. "There's usually only one researcher."
As the men neared, Raiden realized that four of them were clad in black combat armor. The other one, the scientist, was shaking uncontrollably, and held a pistol of his own.
"McBain." One of the men in black growled. "There's been an event."
"I take it you won't even give me a little bit of a chance to escape this time, then? Unlike the last 'event'. You wouldn't have stopped me, if it wasn't for that truck."
One of the men shot Raiden in the chest with a pistol, drawing his attention, while not damaging the delicate circuitry underneath the armor plating.
"This is serious. A large pale man has been terrorizing the city. Kessler has elected to forcibly deploy low level assets to deal with the problem and cover our organization's retreat. You are a low level asset." One of the men said.
"What makes you think I'll help you?" Raiden asked, amused that they thought they could solicit the help of their prisoner.
"I don't think you'll help us. But when we forcibly drop you into the hot zone, it will be help us or die." The man said. "If you try anything while we're escorting you, my men will not hesitate to put high-caliber rounds into your head, and several other places."
The man walked up, and slowly undid the bonds of Raiden's hands and feet, while all three of the other soldiers kept their rifles trainer of Raiden's head.
In three minutes, the group had made their way across the compound. They were now in an open courtyard, where three active helicopters waited for them. He was roughly shoved into one. Around him, he noted that there were three other First Sons prisoners in the helicopter with him, each with different things being used to neutralize their powers, keep them in check. They also rode with three men in black, one of which made it a point to keep a gun pressed into Raiden's temple.
As the choppers lifted off, Raiden asked, "How did you people get yourself into this mess?"
"Captured me during the raid of the prison. Heard they caught lots of cops and prisoners back there. I almost got out, fuck me..." One man said, his eyes glowing with some sort of fiery vengeance. He had water appear to be large water jugs attached to his back, supposedly to minimize what he could do with whatever powers he possessed.
"No talking!" One guard growled.
Five minutes later, the helicopters touched down, and the prisoners were all pushed out onto the street.
Just before the helicopters were about to take off once more, this time without any prisoners, a guard said, "McBain. Until he gets here, there will be a sniper with his sights on your head. Don't think about leaving.
"Aye aye, cap'n." Raiden joked to himself, watching the choppers fly off into the distance.
"Well, screw this. See you guys." Raiden said, after a solid thirty seconds had passed.
"Your funeral." One of the thugs said, as Raiden began walking off. Then he heard a huge groaning of steel, and turned around, in time to see a car fly over his head.
Holy shit.
A massive pale figure was there, easily ten feet. Muscles the size of tree trunks. In that moment, in a collective hiss, as of the prisoners power dampeners clicked off.

It was quiet for a moment, as the side or prisoners and the Pale Man stared each other down, wondering which side would make the first move. It was the Pale Man who would. He darted in and grabbed one of the prisoners, napping his neck like a twig.

"BURN YOU FREAK!" The prisoner who Raiden had talked to in the chopper shouted, while lighting himself on fire and sending a huge burst of flames at the man. Another prisoner hissed at him, and elongated her body, stretching and wrapping around him.

Raiden started running back to the fight in time to see the Pale Man ripping the head off of the stretchy girl, and clubbing the fire dude to death with it.

He then looked up and saw Raiden. He grinned. Raiden pissed himself. From out of nowhere, Raiden felt a huge burst of wind knock him high up into the sky.

"Well, shit." He thought, hanging in the air for just a moment, before beginning his fall. From one side, a fast flying figure grabbed him out of the air.

"Damn, you're heavy." it complained. "What the hell were you guys thinking, fighting the pale dude?"

"Wasn't our decision. The First Sons forced us. Thanks for the save, bro." Raiden said, somehow comfortable with the fact that a random man was carrying him through the sky.

The two touched down on a building, a good few dozen blocks away from the fight. Raiden looked his savior up and down. He was nothing but a boy in a t-shirt and jeans, holding a boomerang in one hand. "The name's Lucas Rice." The boy said, holding out his hand.

"McBain. Raiden McBain." Raiden replied, shaking Lucas's outstretched hand.

"Woah... Nice uh, metal you got there." Lucas said.

"Thanks. Now, what the hell are we going to do? Get out of the city? Fight him?" Raiden asked.

"I dunno man. I don't know..."

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