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The story of a boy from New England who discovers the joys of eating ass with his friends and family in this twisted, incest filled story of ass eating and much more!
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 Two Brothers

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PostSubject: Two Brothers   Fri Jun 15, 2012 8:51 pm

Name: Jace Eldridge
Gender: Male

Power: Illusions
Weapons and Attacks used: He uses illusions as his form of attack and evade. Mainly as a form of distraction he will create something, not a building or anything bigger then a car, that can possibly frighten an enemy and make them cringe for a minute so that he can get in close and try to stab the person with some switchblade knives he keeps on his person.

Alliances: None
Brief History: Joint History at bottom

Appearance: Picture

Karmic Rank: Neutral
Personality: Jace is the light-hearted half of the Eldridge duo. Due to his powers he has that Loki quality about him that makes him use his powers in a way to get a rise out of people and tick someone off. Meanwhile he's got a sense of humor to him that makes him use his powers in a way that can bring joy to another person or give them something to laugh about.

Name: Aaron Eldridge
Gender: Male

Power: Telekinetic
Weapons and Attacks used: Uses anything he is able to pick up with his mind, the biggest thing that he even has a CHANCE of picking up being a brand new airplane that is STATIONARY, or a very old and decayed Rocket.

Alliances: None..yet
Brief History: Joint History at bottom

Appearance: Picture

Karmic Rank: Neutral
Personality: Aaron, much to his brother's dismay, is the more serious half of the Eldridge duo. He is always thinking about the task set before him and uses his powers to get the job down as quickly as possible so that his brother doesn't get into deeper trouble then they both are already in. However he also has a sense of humor that can't help but laugh at some of the antics his brother gets into.

-------------Joint History-------------
The Eldridge brothers' life is pretty upsetting one before the blast. At first though it seemed like a possible promising one. They were born in Detroit and raised there till they were about 8 years old. Then the sh!t began. At first it was nothing...nothing that concerned the brothers at least. Their parents had started fighting..arguing, their father soon became an alcoholic. After a year of the hell the boys and their mother went through, their mom snapped. The last night that their dad lived..was the night that the boys were taken away. See their mother had hired some men to take out their dad. They accomplished the task..but..they changed the deal. Instead of taking their mother's money..they took the Eldridge boys and ran away to Las Vegas..where Aaron and Jace escaped after about 3 years of living in confinment..trapped in a hotel being neglected by the men that took them. They then took care of one another and turned to petty crimes to fill their essential needs in life. After they turned about 16 the Ray Sphere Blast happened and the two boys were turned into Conduits. Jace became an illusionist, using his powers to help his brother with getting away from whoever was after them. Aaron became a telekinetic and used his powers to get whatever they were after without getting too close to it. The brothers are still petty criminals but they aren't out to take over anything and they are out to only help each other.
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Demigod Conduit of Administrative Awesome
Demigod Conduit of Administrative Awesome

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Character sheet
Characters: Ophelia Ford, Thomas Ellis, Simone Cowell

PostSubject: Re: Two Brothers   Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:00 am

Accepted. remember this takes up 2 charrie slots, not just one, of course.

Ophelia. Neutral (+1 Karma). The Fallen Angel. Controls Tears. Single
Spartan:Thomas. Sound conduit. Deceased
Spartan:Simon Cowell. Champion(+5 Karma) Shapeshifter. Dating Marie, owner of Bar Dumort
Spartan: Ash Nukem, Neutral(+- 0 Karma), multple selves. refers to self in the pluralled person(says we instead of I a lot)Single, yet not.
Slender, Neutral (+- 0 Karma) The Slenderman. Single. Drowning Doom runaway.
Teddy Riggs, Neutral (+- 0 Karma). The Admin. Government Agent
James Montgomery, Gaurdian (+1 Karma). Controls darkness. Drowning Doom affiliated.
Bill Williamson, Neutral (+- 0 Karma), Mist Powers. Drowning Doom victim
"Doviculus," Neutral (+-0 Karma), First Sons Experiment gone wrong.
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Two Brothers
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